Dancing has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. There are many indications that dancing is almost as old as humanity itself. The practice is steeped in deep tradition, and there are dozens of different styles you can try. And you should try them; dancing is great for both your physical and mental health. Here are some of the benefits you can get from dancing.

1 – Improved cardiovascular function

Intense dancing is a complete exercise. By staying in motion for long periods of time, you force your cardiovascular systems. Keep doing that with regularity, and over time you’ll see an increase in your lung capacity, as well as in your body’s ability to process oxygen. Both of which are great for your overall health.

2 – Reduced risk of heart conditions

Like any other exercise, dancing reduces your chances of developing heart conditions. This is very valuable, as heart disease is still the leading cause of death worldwide. It kills ten times more than car accidents.

3 – Boost your strength

One of the advantages of complex dancing is that it exercises many different muscle groups. That will not only make you stronger, but it also makes sure that the strength is built evenly throughout your body, making you more physically capable across the board.

This division of effort also helps prevent lesions. Doing reps at the gym often means you’re forcing the same muscle groups over and over. That allows damage to accumulate in certain areas, which increases your risk of causing serious damage to your body. The risk of that happening is much smaller with dancing.

4 – Improve your balance

Your sense of balance and body-awareness are both skills you can train and improve. Dancing is one of the activities that boost those capabilities, and having a better sense of balance is useful for lots of situations in life. It can make you a more capable climber, runner, help you stay steadier when riding a motorcycle, and it can prove useful if you ever decide to go mountain climbing.

5 – Improve cognitive performance

The complexity of dancing, combined with the attention required, makes it a good workout for the mind. It makes you more able to focus; as a consequence, it is a good way to train how to pay attention to the present and what you’re doing. On top of that, studies have shown that dancing can help slow down your mental decline as you grow older, allowing you to maintain a healthy mind longer.

This is especially true if you choose to try a new dancing style at an advanced age, or dedicate the time needed to learn new moves and choreographies. Continually learning and facing new challenges helps you maintain both your cognitive ability and your mental health as you grow older.

6 – Reduce mental health risk

The social nature of dancing makes it very useful for helping you maintain your mental health. Depression, anxiety, and panic disorders can all be caused or made more severe by chronic isolation, and loneliness is directly linked to mental decline in the elderly. Make a habit out of dancing with friends; you’ll be surprised by how much it can cheer you up. And if you need extra help with your anxiety, try CBD. You can learn more about it at this site.