TED talks have enriching talks concerning mental health and substance addiction. The list below contains some of the best TED talks on alcohol and drug addiction. Most of them are from experts who have been studying mental health and addiction issues while other videos are from people who struggled with addiction. As you get some tips from the videos and continue taking Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex detox drink (link), emancipating yourself from substance abuse will be easier.

Overzealous social Drinker by Jolene Park

“Gray Area Drinking” is defined as the situation where someone goes out to drink a normal amount of alcohol but finds himself drinking in excess. This type of drinking doesn’t reach the criteria to be called an abuse but if continued, it could escalate to abuse.

Gray area drinking may not only compromise someone’s functioning capacity but will also raise internal or self-concern that something is not normal. People at this level can stop if they find a way to rejuvenate their system or detox their neurotransmitters and nourish their nervous system. 

Let Your Recovery Be Loud by Conner Tara

Tara is miss USA who also struggled with substance addiction since the age of fourteen years. She once tested positive for cocaine and the stigma she faced from friends and family members was intense.

Her aim in the talk is to eradicate stigma among addicts and shed light on the rehabilitative approaches that can be used to restore the normal nature of affected individuals. She aims to ensure therapeutic centers are well established for everyone who is under influence. If you are the kind of people who always find themselves sliding back to alcohol abuse, you should watch the video.

Duped by Alcohol, a Video Created by Paul Churchill

Paul Churchill opened a bar in 2006 in Spain. From his bar, he used to drink a lot of alcohol to the extent that his drinking became problematic. According to his speech, he used to blackout at least 6 to 7 times a week which was very detrimental not only to his health but also to his social life.

In 2009, he walked away from his bar but his drinking habits were still tethered to his life. In this video, he shares his ups and downs in the journey to sobriety. He experienced various relapses but continued to fight his way to the sobriety world. He now runs a very enriching podcast called the Recovery Elevator.

The Power of Addiction and Addiction of Power by Gabor Mate

Mate is one of the most experienced specialists in substance dependence and addiction issues. In his talk, he discusses how addiction can rule someone’s mind and create a gap between the person’s mind and the reality of the world.

He has written lots of books concerning addiction, attention deficit disorders, and other kinds of mental health issues that are experienced by people from all over the world. In his talk, you will understand the simple symptoms showcased during the onset of addiction and how you can counterattack it.

Anne Dowsett-Johnston’s Talk on Alcohol Addiction

 Anne used to be one of the chronic female drinkers. She wrote a book entitled ”Drink and Incredible woman”.  In her talk, she tries to showcase the impact of alcohol imposed on her social and professional life.

She enlightens and sheds more light on the impact of alcohol on someone’s health, social life, career, and mental functioning. She speaks on the addiction process, relapse during rehabilitation, and triggering factors that can make a person give up during rehabilitation. Watching the talk is enriching because it contains even the tips for one to overcome addiction.

Addiction is a Serious Disease by Michael Botticelli

Michael is one of the most profound alcoholics who struggled with addiction for a very long time.  He was a director of the Drug Policy for the Obama Administration. In his journey, he encountered lots of problems including giving up on rehabilitation programs among others. He offers to substantiate alternatives to beat the addiction that is plaguing the world. Instead of criminalizing addicts, it is important to ensure there are enough drug awareness programs and rehabilitative centers.

Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong by Johann Hari

Johann Hari is one of the people who not only struggled with addiction as a person but also as a family. He shares about how his family members were struggling to overcome the merciless substance addiction. Recovery from addiction starts with self-dedication and willingness to adhere to rehabilitation interventions set by professionals. It should be an unconditional move to make yourself overcome the crisis. Watch the video and you will understand how simple the journey of sobriety is.

The Stigma of Addiction by Tony Hoffman 

Faced by homelessness and imprisonment due to addiction, Tony Hoffman offered the best talk on how to stay within the course of detoxification. To prevent other youth from encountering the misfortune of drug abuse, Tony formed the Freewheel Project. It was a specific project meant to help youth prevent themselves from the menace of drug addiction. His talk contains some essential concepts that can accelerate the sobriety journey.

There is No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health Sangu Delle

Delle came out to advise people that taking care of your mental health is your responsibility. Even after talking to the specialist, make sure you do your research about the health condition. For example, you can research about anxiety and ensure you follow the recommended guidelines. Mental health is a priority because if it is compromised the person will not be functioning well.

Your Brain Can Overcome Chemicals of Addiction by David Anderson

Addiction is not stronger than your brain. If you stop the substance of abuse, you can train your brain not to trigger your desire for the substance. As you continue with detoxification programs, the brain rejuvenates with new cells while replacing the affected ones. If you can stop the abuse, the brain will overcome the chemicals with time.


TED talks are meant to show people that people can overcome addiction. The lessons are from prior victims or specialists who understand how the addiction process affects people. As you continue with Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex, it is also important to have a look at these talks. You can learn a thing or two for yourself and others.