YouTube App photo by Hello I'm Nik ( helloimnik) on Unsplash
YouTube App photo by Hello I'm Nik ( helloimnik) on Unsplash

When the subtitle does not come up with the video, it is quite irritating for the viewers due to which they switch to another similar video but with the different uploader. Well, if you are facing such a situation as a beginning to sync the video with subtitles, you can learn it all here.

The tutorials do require the subtitles so that people can follow the instructions in a constructive manner. Sometimes the audience pauses the video to write down the instruction which is there in the subtitle. If it is not aligned well, then it can be all messy for the audience to follow the tutorial and the instructions in the video.

The time with the video playing along with the subtitles is essential for you if you are working on the YouTube tutorials. You can use multiple software to synchronize the video and the subtitles, but here we will be talking about KMPlayer. It supports the video formats and provides the option to align the subtitles with playing video perfectly.

Youtube promotion is also as important as trying to sync video subtitles. So, before we move forward with the tutorial keep in mind that no matter how good a video you made, it does not exist if no one ever gets to watch it.


The subtitles synchronization with video is done accurately with KMPlayer. You have to download and install the software first on your system which is free of cost. Now after the installation, you can launch it and then open the video which you have made and want to sync the subtitles with it.

As you open the video in the software, there will be a button of control box on the left bottom side. Click on the “A” icon for the re-sync option of the video for the subtitles as a new small window opens up. After that, you will see a small window with the editing of subtitles of the video.

First, you have to understand the meaning of some of the buttons there such as for sync-, it means that you can delay the subtitle for the video. Sync + means that you can forward the subtitles. Whereas for the resync, it means that you can set the delay time for the subtitles. However, for the entire change, you have to click on the last option which is “more.”

As you click on “more,” you will be able to see the subtitles available for the video on the side. This is the window of exploring/edit subtitle. There is an entire list where you can select the subtitles which you want to re-sync in the playing video. Understand some of the signs as following:

[- means a delay in subtitles by -.5 seconds

]- means forward the subtitles by +.5 seconds

TS – syncing with a specific time

SS – syncing with a specific subtitle

R – Resetting the sync of subtitle

S – Resetting specific sync of subtitle

You can double click on the buttons which you wish to operate and sync the subtitle. Click the “OK” button once you are done and all is set. Watch the video on the same software once you are done to make sure that the syncing is done right. You can now watch the movies or your own made tutorials with aligning the subtitles so that no one has a problem in watching them and noting down the instructions of the video.