types of insurance
types of insurance

We generally know about car insurance that provides for any risk for the car. The insurance company receives a regular premium from the customers and in return provides for risks associated with the vehicle. The car owners usually go for regular insurance but unaware of the fact that there is other insurance available that is one-day car insurance. The one-day policy lasts for only 24 hours. The one-day insurance is way different from general insurance and has strict policies than general policy. Not every insurance company provides a one-day insurance policy and even they do not insist on customers buying it.

The one-day insurance is usually provided to people of age not less than 21 years. Many companies provide cheap 24 hour car insurance for one day. Some companies even have the policy that the one having the one-day insurance should have 25 years of age. The policies vary from company to company and state to state. The high-risk drivers are not expected to get a one-day policy and drivers with a good driving record are more willing to get this policy. Every company has its own policy to see if someone can get one-day insurance or not.

The one-day insurance is similar to general insurance in a number of aspects. Both the one-day insurance and general insurance provider provides a number of coverage such as liability coverage, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Both the insurance provider provides for the same kinds of insurance. So, these are the similarities among the one day and general insurance.

Also, there are certain differences between general and one-day insurance.

Period of Insurance

The major difference is in the period of insurance. The general insurance is usually for a longer period whereas the one-day insurance is just for 24 hours that is one day. The general period of general insurance is six months. It can differ from policy to policy.

Cost of insurance

Another difference between the two insurances is the cost. The cost of general insurance is much higher and the cost for one-day insurance is much lower. The one-day insurance covers only one day and hence the cost is less compared to general insurance.


If we judge the cost-effectiveness of the policies then it depends on the period one is using policy for. If one needs a policy for 24 hours then the one-day policy is cost-effective. If one wants to add more days to the policy then one should go for a general policy as the one-day policy will be proven to be costlier then. So, in brief for one day one should go for a one-day policy and for more days one should go for regular days.

So, these are the major differences in general and one-day insurance. One can go for any insurance depending on the period one needs that for. One can get cheap 24 hour car insurance from any company that provides for it.