Millions of online users utilize the Google API feature every day for various reasons. Some use it for school and research while the majority utilize it for entertainment. However, they might not be leveraging its full potential.

To get better image search results on Google, you need to optimize your search efficiency. Here are simple tips and tricks to help you get started.

Search by File Type

If you’re only interested in specific image files, don’t bother sifting through all the results. Instead, you can utilize the advanced operator file-type. This will make it easier for you to search for all the images you need. Once you type what you need, the page will automatically update with only the required images.

You’ll see whatever you entered and you can then click on the dropdown menu to choose another file type.

Utilize the Reverse Image Search Feature

An ordinary Google Images search API often returns images for a text query. However, you can always utilize an image to perform a Google search instead. And this is referred to as a reverse image search.

Go to Google Images and then click the Camera icon. You can then paste an image URL to search or upload an image file from your computer. You may also want to consider dragging and dropping an image onto the search file. After doing that, Google displays its best guess for the images you just provided.

Save Images in Collections

Did you just find the exact image you were searching for, but forgot to save a copy? Don’t worry. Google has implemented a unique feature for saving images right within its own service.

All you need is to perform a search whilst signed into your Google account. Then, click on the desired image to open its callout box. And once you have done that, click the Save button.

To view the saved images, click the 3-dot menu on any of the images, and select Collections. All the images you’ve saved will appear in a folder referred to as the Favorite images. Choose one to view its contents, and utilize the New Collection button to make new folders for sorting.

Make Use of Advanced Search Operators

If you want to search for images on a particular website, consider utilizing the “try site feature”. To exclude specific words from a search, you can always rely on the (minus) operator. Putting your search query in quotes will prompt Google to only search for that exact phrase.

If you aren’t comfortable using operators, you can use the Advanced Image Search tool. This will make it easier for you to access many of the same commands through simpler text boxes.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of image results you get on Google? Don’t worry. There are several ways through which you can filter your searches on Google. The above article expounds on practical tips to help you optimize your search efficiency on Google. Hopefully, you’re going to enjoy more advanced searches.