Business PowerPoint Presentations
Business PowerPoint Presentations

Plenty has been said about the importance of high-quality presentations. Whether you are an experienced presentation designer or a newbie, you can benefit from a few pointers offered by the experts.

Business PowerPoint presentations come with nuances. By failing to notice the little things, you can end up producing low-quality material while wasting too much time.

Business presentations require extensive knowledge and plenty of research. However, a few shortcuts exist to make your efforts a bit easier. We came up with nine must-read tips before starting your next presentation project.

Spend Enough Time On Headers

Headers are the key to an interesting presentation. If they aren’t catchy and information filled, people simply won’t get past them. Headers must be relevant to your presentation and focus the viewer’s attention on the subject you are trying to convey.

Spend more time on the headers than you do on the content. But don’t overdo it. Long headers are tough to read and usually contain information, which should be discussed in detail in the below sections of your powerpoint.

While working on your headers, remember about consistency. Presentations tend to end up with inconsistent headers and footers, especially when using slides from other presentations. Watch headers and footers closely.

View Slides As Point Supporters

Unless you aren’t planning to make a presentation personally, the slides should be your helpers, not your replacement. Keep in mind that a slide is a supporting factor in a presentation. The presenter should be the one making the point.

Don’t become the boring presenter, who is reading the slides. Elaborate on your point verbally and allow the slide to support it. If the slide makes the point instead of you, you have to insert too much text, which can make it unreadable.

Allow the slides to complement and emphasize your point rather than make it for you.

Add Emotional Images And Videos

Keeping point 2 in mind, allow the slides to do what you can’t with graphics, images, and videos. Pictures and short videos have been conquering the online space for the last few years.

To make the point, Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer online traffic by 2021.

Your audience comes ready to be slightly entertained even if the subject is rather severe.

Look for moving images and videos to help make your point. Any time you can illustrate a point rather than fill the slide with text, do it. You can use anything from stock images to company photos and promotional materials.

Allow your viewer’s brain to grasp more information with visual aids.

Keep It Simple

No matter how complex the subject of your presentation is, you have to work hard to keep it as simple as possible. When editing your text, try to eliminate long and complex words and sentences without losing the meaning.

You aren’t lecturing the audience. You are presenting essential information. Keep it as such. Graphs are an excellent way to push your point through. Don’t settle for standard excel graphs; use PowerPoint graphics.

Infographics are an excellent way to keep your presentation simple. Spend more time on creating infographics, and you’ll see how much more impact your presentation will have.

Avoid Too Much Promotion

Your marketing team probably can’t wait for your presentation to appear to stick logos, CTAs, and the rest of the promotional stuff on the slides.

If you want your business presentation to be more effective, keep promotional materials to the very minimum. You can put the company logo and similar things on the first and last slides of the presentation.

Otherwise, it can divert the audience’s attention from the subject. A bright company logo on top of the page reduces the impact of your images and infographics.

Pay Attention To Font, Size, and Color

The content of a presentation is far from being the most important part of it. The design is something you should pay close attention to.

Presentation experts at PresentationGeeks share that it is best to stick to one readable font. Sans-Serif fonts (Arial, Calibri or Gill Sans) work the best since they are available on all computers. Changing fonts throughout the presentation plays a bad joke on the consistency and the viewer’s attention.

You can use a slightly larger font for headings but overdoing it isn’t a good idea. The minimum recommended size for presentation fonts is 24-32.

The same approach works with colors. Stick to two or three colors for your presentation. Anything more colorful makes it less readable.

Ask An Editor For Assistance

When it comes to business presentations, never make them alone. When you think you’ve come up with a masterpiece, run it by someone else. You may have made silly typos or created hard-to-understand tests. It may look amazing to you. Meanwhile, an onlooker can see hidden problems.

If you want to make sure your presentation is flawless, have two to three people read it before bringing it to the audience.

Get A Little Personal

Everyone likes stories. If you want to identify with your audience, come up with a good story. Tell it. Stories help people remember your points much better than images and videos because they induce emotions.

You don’t have to turn your PowerPoint business presentation into a literature class. Just stick a story or two inside for a lasting impression.

Know How To End Your Presentation

The common way to end a presentation is to create a big slide with the words “Any Questions?” on it. In practice, this forces the audience to question your information even if they agree with everything you’ve been saying.

Instead, use the words “Prospects” and tell the audience how it can use the information it just received. This way you can help people see beyond the presentation, make conclusions, and come up with relevant questions if any.

Final Thoughts

Business PowerPoint presentations require a unique approach to make them impressive and easy to remember. Unless you are planning to get professional assistance with the presentation, using the above tips can polish it in an excellent manner.