Choosing an indoor security camera is a smooth and straightforward choice. However, you can’t apply the same principles when selecting an outdoor camera. You ought to put in extra consideration as they are your first primary line of defense against anyone who tries to intrude into your premises.

Nobody wants intruders entering their home without their knowledge. You need to up your security game by installing a fully-featured outdoor security camera to protect your premises. There are so many brands that you can select from, and it can often be confusing to choose the perfect security camera. Below are essential tips to consider when selecting the ideal outdoor security camera for you!

Top-notch images

The first essential item that you ought to look at when comparing various outdoor security cameras, including Nest vs. Arlo, is the image quality. It will enable you to closely monitor your patio, fences, porch as well as the yard. Clearer images will allow you to identify an intruder at the first glimpse. You must check on the camera resolution. Always go for 1080p,4MP or 5MP.

Don’t forget to check on the night vision. The security cam ought to have multiple infrared lights as well as smart IR to minimize excess brightness once someone approaches the camera.

To get the best images, you must choose a security cam with the best viewing angle that covers a larger area. It will enable you to capture more pictures as well as movements.

Have a look at the DNR as its quite helpful in identifying individuals who might be moving in the dark towards your premises. Digital noise reduction is essential as it will detect the burglar without making too much noise.

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Weather and vandal proof

You ought to know that your outdoor security cam will get exposed to a vast of elements. It will get affected by snow, dust, heat, rain depending on your area of residence. That’s not all. Intruders might strive to vandalize your investment before they break into your neighborhood or home. You ought to select a camera that’s vandal as well as weather resistant.

You can choose to install extra housing protection as well as add a thermostatic control feature. The latter will ensure there isn’t any condensation or the lenses getting clouded due to humid weather.

Power and data connectivity

You ought to ensure there’s enough power cable in place to make sure there isn’t an uninterrupted data transmission or power supply.

You can choose to have a security cam that’s connected to the wifi to eliminate the need for long cables. However, you must ensure you have a stable internet connection lest the camera will cease to function properly.

Your area of residence is a haven that you come to after a tiresome day at the office. You need to try all mean possible to ensure that your entire family, as well as property, is safe from burglars. One significant investment that you ought to try is purchasing an outdoor camera to monitor activities around your premises while you are away. You have the opportunity to try out various security cams, such as Nest vs. Arlo. Take your time when seeking these worthwhile investments.