Dark Side of Monitoring Software
Dark Side of Monitoring Software

Monitoring and tracking software has always been a controversial issue because of their acceptance and rejection within different types of groups. When it comes to the businesses, the employers are in favor of employee tracking software because, in their opinion, these are mandatory to make the workers productive and focused on their work. On the other side, the employees find it most annoying and embarrassing and demotivating that they always remain in their employer’s eyes.

The cell phone and computer monitoring software are undoubtedly powerful. They allow employers to track their workers’ conversations, emails, media files, locations, social media activities, phone calls, contact lists, internet history and much more. You can see what your employee is doing on the computer or mobile phone in real-time; what is he seeing, listening or even typing; what sort of talks he makes with co-workers; what activities he is engaged in within and even beyond the workplace. There is nothing you cannot monitor using the tracking software.

However, you must know how to use this powerful technology before you get your hands on it. You cannot force a person to let you monitor his real and digital life. Also, there are certain rules to be strictly followed to keep someone under surveillance. No matter you monitor your workers, children or spouse; you must know what the limit is. If you do not bother about this at all, you may have to face the horrible consequences attached to the negative and irresponsible use of tracking software.

Illegitimate Monitoring

It is illegal to use monitoring software without getting written permission from the person you aim to monitor. If you want to keep your workers under surveillance and get computers and mobile phones in their use tracked with tracking software, you need to take the written consent of them before getting the devices downloaded and installed with monitoring software.

Similarly, you cannot monitor your adult children without their permission. If you monitor someone without the consent of that person, you are conducting a crime that can send you to jail or impose a hefty fine. Before purchasing monitoring software, you are needed to provide a valid reason for monitoring someone and also written permission of the individual or groups whom you want to monitor.

Know How Far is So Far

There is a thin line between the right and wrong use of monitoring software. For example, if your track company social media account, it is right. But, if you track the personal social media accounts of the workers, it is wrong. You cannot monitor the personal staff of the workers or keep tabs on their activities after working hours. The employers are allowed to monitor the company-owned mobile phone, tablets, laptops, computers or other devices.

However, they are not allowed to monitor the personal devices of the workers. Similarly, you can monitor the emails and online accounts of business nature, but the personal email accounts and other online accounts of workers cannot be tracked. In short, do not make use of the monitoring software in a way that makes your workers or children feel that their security and privacy is being breached.

The Best Practice to Use Monitoring Software

Generally, the monitoring software is developed to assist parents and employers in keeping their children secure and workers productive. The parents can supervise their kids using digital ways when they are unable to accompany their kiddos. A single mom can track the location of their kids to make sure they remain safe in the absence of a parent. Similarly, parents can make the internet world secure for their kids with the use of a computer and cell phone spy app. You can filter adult websites and set the internet to show the kids-oriented and productive stuff to your children.

The employers can swap the surveillance cameras with monitoring software to protect company data, assets and even workers. Some monitoring software also allows creating an online backup of the data stored on the monitored device. You can use that software to protect sensitive company information.

Also, you can use the software to keep workers from responding to phishing or malicious emails. You can track the GPS location of your traveling workers to make sure they are on assigned routes. The phone calls of customer care representatives can be tracked to ensure the best customer experience. There are many other things you can do keeping the limits in mind. Every technology has its own good and bad side but how you make use of it is the real thing.