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Even as we write this article, there are changes taking place in the world of cryptocurrencies. The past couple of years have been monumental for its popularity, with more industry leaders and investors taking note of all the benefits that come with the use of this virtual money. As a result, while mainstream integration of bitcoins has taken its time, there is steady progress as people know more about how the currency functions and how it can be a gamechanger even in our daily lives.

Most people, though, are focused on selling bitcoins. Therefore, if you were to search for more information about cryptocurrencies, you will note that there is a lot on buying it. Admittedly, it is not as straightforward as purchasing anything else, but news about its high security and exclusivity takes precedence. However, the industry also needs to spotlight the many uses of bitcoins and how cryptocurrency users can spend their money in different and unusual ways.


Travel, particularly luxury travel, is big business. It involves living a life that many of us cannot even imagine. However, all of it comes at a hefty price. Most bitcoin users already know that one of the primary uses of cryptocurrencies is to simplify large transactions. Thus, you are already likely to see many travelers using only bitcoin to see the world in ways like never before. Moreover, be it a marketing gimmick or an early look into a changing trend, smaller establishments such as coffee shops and hostels are accepting bitcoins now, making it even more straightforward for tourists to go completely virtual.

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Play Santa

Did you forget to buy presents for all your friends and relatives come Christmas time? Fear not, because with bitcoins you can get them just what they need, at the last minute. Although many commercial establishments do not accept bitcoins freely yet, some websites sell gift cards to the topmost retailers against your cryptocurrency.

These websites have an easy-to-use interface, come with mobile apps, and can do transactions within minutes, making the entire process extremely straightforward. From Amazon and Apple to GooglePlay, Nike, PlayStation, and the likes, there are gift cards for almost all popular entertainment and shopping businesses available.

Enjoy Gambling

The gambling industry has always been at the forefront of using new technology and financial services. So, there has been a significant rise in the number of online casinos that presently accept bitcoins as payment. In the early days, most of these payments were instantly converted to real money.

However, playing poker with bitcoin is slowly catching up. Gamblers still have the opportunity to turn the currency into cash, but there are games where you can actually play your hands in cryptocurrencies. This is a significant shift in the use of bitcoins, something that is going to strengthen their value in the market and help bring cryptocurrencies into mainstream transactions faster than ever before.

Be Noble

Not exactly fun, but if you have been investing in bitcoins and making money from it, there is always the possibility to offer some of it to charity. Organizations such as Green Peace and Red Cross accept payments in bitcoins, and it is an excellent way to help the world using cryptocurrencies and feel good about it.