DonorBox Donation Software
DonorBox Donation Software

Charities, NGO’s and Non-Profit Agencies all view for donators to fill their coffers with much-needed funds to manage and maintain their services. The age of the internet provided global awareness to many charities, boosting them from local to global and enabling them to realize their dreams and visions.

Another aspect the internet provides is access to funds, the internet is a great tool in the hands of successful fundraisers, and is a convenient way to provide fundraising from sources you would never usually reach. Consider that online fundraising with a donation software is like having a charity box on every computer in the world.

Of all the tools that leverage this market reach, a leader is emerging, named Donorbox.

Donorbox is a powerful fundraising software platform that is integrated into any website and empowers the website to raise donations via the internet in a professional and easy way.

Donorbox is now used by over 10,000 organizations from 25 countries.

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic features found in Donorbox.

  • It’s Free

There are no set up fees, and you get to use the system for free when your donations are under $1,000 per month. The moment you cross that level, you pay 1% of the monthly donations. This is significantly cheaper than all the competition.

  • Recurring Donation Options

One of the best sources of donor income is from incremental amounts paid in monthly installments. This is called recurring donor billing, and this is a great way to help donors provide an annual income payable in twelve monthly payments.

  • Easily Integration

Donorbox integrates seamlessly with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

  • Versatile Payments

Donorbox works with Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as accepting donations in multiple currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, and more)


Donorbox is an SSL/TLS secured site, which means that all the credit card data is encrypted, tokenized and secure.

  • Simple Donation Forms

I already mentioned that this is an easy site to manage, the forms are proof. These are donor interface designed for simple and easy understanding. The easier the form, the faster the donation.

  • Company Matching Search

You can double the donation through company matching integration. This feature allows donors to search for their employer’s gift matching policies during checkout.

  • Suggested Donation Amounts

You can create an automated donation list that suggests donation amounts; it helps remove confusion for many donors.

  • Donor Management

Donorbox gives you a comprehensive donor management system and allows you to view summaries and reports as well as prepare documentation for tax reporting purposes.

  • Embeddable Donor Wall

Donorbox also gives you the possibility of offering donors the honor of being featured on a Donor wall.

Other features

It works with your Facebook page.

It is optimized for different screens and operating systems.

You can activate a pop-up donation form.


When it comes to complete packages, you don’t get much more than what Donorbox offers. This is an exceptional and easy system to use, and once you have all the necessary components in place, your site will be an online Donorbox, bringing in donations from all you reach.

Platforms like Donorbox offering features such as ApplePay and Google Pay, enabling the embeddable donor wall and company matching search, and launching the fundraising thermometer, allow nonprofits to simplify their digital fundraising and get the most out of it