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A virtual private network is an interface between a computer or some other device that has connectivity ability and network that is sometimes remote and geographically separate. A virtual private network adds a layer of security for the protection of the Internet surfer. The VPN prevents a computers IP address from being tracked or monitored and allows computers to be stealth in nature. Still unsure about what is a VPN?

There are two types of VPN’s and include site to site and remote access. The site to site allows the connection of multiple users such as a satellite office having the ability to connect to the main office. Remote access allows an employee in the field to have the ability to connect to the company network.

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VPN technologies include a variety of security mechanisms to protect the connection and keep it private. This type of technology is important and useful when connecting to a public and unsecured network, such as a Wi-Fi hot spot. This type of technology is also useful for employers who allow employees to telecommute or travel away from the office. There is a need to always stay connected a virtual private network provides the necessary security.

A VPN is a program separate from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The initial connection is made through the ISP and then “tunneled” to the VPN server. There are a variety of companies that provide virtual private networks, usually for a small monthly fee. These companies typically have servers located throughout the world, allowing their use by anyone no matter where they are in the world.

The VPN works by masking the IP address of the computer and assigning a temporary IP address in its place when that computer is logged onto the Internet. This prevents others from tracking and monitoring an IP address and blocking web sites because of government or other entity sanctions.

The Best VPN

Every VPN claims to offer the best on the market, but the only way to find the best is to find the VPN that offers everything you need in a VPN. There are VPN’s that are fee-based and some available at no cost or a one-time download fee.

VPN’s, or virtual private network to its friends, provides security and protection while surfing the Internet. Your choice of VPN depends on the needs of your relationship with the Internet. Everyone has different reasons for choosing the VPN they choose, and those reasons can vary from it is the least expensive to it’s the easiest to set up to it provides protection for anything Internet.

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There are reviews of all VPN’s available to compare the different software and services, and the reviews also include the best aspects of a particular VPN. It would help if you gave some thought to the reasons you want a VPN and what you want or need to accomplish with the software.

If you download videos or visit video sites more often than other Internet activities will find a few VPN’s better suited for that activity than others.  If you are working remotely either occasionally or most of the time, you will want a VPN that is tops in protecting transmitted data to a remote or home site.

If you use the VPN for business, there are VPN’s better suited for business transactions and data transferral than most other VPN’s. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, and the least expensive is not necessarily the worst VPN.

It is essential to be careful when making a purchase online. Check the company offering the VPN and make sure they are reputable. There is nothing more frustrating than making a purchase online, then finding out the company is a fly by night outfit that can never be found when it is time to ask questions or request a refund.