dubai roaches

If breeding of dubia roaches is done the right way, you will see exceptional rewards. The colony will increase from tens to hundreds and from hundreds to thousands. All you have to do is maintain the conditions necessary for breeding.

Breeding dubia roaches yourself has one major benefit- you get a healthy supply of dubia roaches, and you won’t have to buy dubia roaches for your pets. Sounds financially feasible, doesn’t it? If you don’t feel like putting in all the time and hard work you can check out dubia roaches for sale.

Basic Needs for Breeding

The basic needs for dubia roaches to breed are temperature and humidity. In order to breed, dubia roaches require a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity should be around 60%. If you have provided these conditions, the colonies of these roaches will flourish.

Reproduction Cycle

An adult female will start to mate 5 days after they emerge. Dubia roaches are ovoviviparous, which means that the female keeps the eggs enclosed in the ootheca within its body. The nymphs are released out from the body only after they have hatched from their eggs within the body of female dubia roach.

A female dubia roach exhibits an immature, fertilized ootheca 19 days after its adult emergence. It lays the first batch of nymphs within the next 70 days. It takes about 120 days for a nymph t grow into adults.

A female does not mate immediately after giving birth to nymphs. Instead, they spend the following days in replenishing its energy. By the time nymphs are ready o venture away from their mother, the breeding female has prepared itself to mate again. This is when it starts showing interest in mating.

Maintaining Dubia Roaches

Maintaining a small colony of roaches is rather easy, but what will you do when the colony suddenly blooms? It usually happens when all of the 70 nymphs mature almost at the same time.

When breeding dubia roaches, be prepared for the changing dynamics. You will need supplies, space, time, and all other resources that can accommodate the exponential growth of dubia roaches.

Breeding Equipment

The equipment you will need for breeding dubia roaches has been listed below:

  • Roach containers
  • Lids
  • Heat
  • Harborage
  • Food and food bowl
  • Water bowl and substrate
  • Hygrometer
  • Thermometer
  • Electronic thermostat

Selecting Breeding Location

The selection of breeding location is also critical. The right conditions are necessary for breeding, and since breeding is the motive here, all conditions should be met.

  • The breeding location should have 12 hour light and dark cycle
  • The breeding location should not be exposed to a light source
  • The humidity conditions should be maintained. The higher the humidity, the more necessary ventilation would become.

The ideal location for breeding dubia roaches is a place with adequate air circulation and darkness. There should not be any loud noises or any frequent disturbances. The area should have a well-maintained humidity, temperature, and light and darkness. A closet can be an ideal place where the bulb is turned on by a timer or a basement.

Breeding dubia roaches is not difficult as long as you ensure that all the breeding conditions are met and maintained.