I grew up in a small town in the southwestern part of Colorado, and even though the population was only around fifteen hundred people, we had a really great sports complex. I can recall many warm evenings going to the baseball fields and either watching my father play on either baseball or softball team, but also watching my little brother playing t-ball. Being a part of a community that involves its patrons with little league and adult baseball leagues is a wonderful experience. Now that I live in a small town in Central Florida, it warms my heart when I pass signs saying it’s time to register for Little League Baseball.

Baseball is a wonderful family pastime, and more importantly, it gives young boys and girls an athletic outlet for the summer and teaches them about teamwork. This sport, along with many sports, lays the foundation for teaching a child how to participate and socialize with their peers. Teamwork is a skill that is a necessity for the long run. Teamwork comes into play during school, during college, and eventually into the work field. A great way to reward your team is to present them with a baseball medal at the end of the season.

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Responsibility and sportsmanship are also key ingredients to life that should be taught to kids through recreational sports like Little League Baseball. Kids learn how important it is to make the committed games and look forward to each game. Baseball is a game that has nine players, and each player is responsible for an area in the outfield or infield. That role teaches each their responsibility to the team. Not only will being a part of a team provide confidence, but it also helps in building skills in hand and eye coordination.

Remember to celebrate every team member and coach with a baseball medal. Kids love trophies or baseball medals that commemorate their memory of the season and sport. When each child is given a gift for their participation in a sport, it makes them feel happy and worthwhile. I know few people that did not hold on to their little league trophies well into high school age. It always brought on a sense of satisfaction for being a part of a team.

Good coaches are an asset to any baseball team. It is the coach’s place to play all the players and to make them feel a part of the team without lowering their confidence level. If a baseball medal for the kids is not something that can be afforded, then award the coach with a baseball medal, it will be a great thank you for volunteering their time and effort to teaching and training kids in the rules of baseball.

Build up wonderful summer memories for your kids. Find a local Little League in your area and join. Let’s be a part of giving our young kids every opportunity to exercise and teach them the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and responsibility.