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Google has a love-hate relationship with gambling. While AdWords allows promoting offline and online real-money gambling services – respecting the regulations and laws of the jurisdictions where these ads will be shown – it keeps its Play Store closed in front of real-money gambling operators. Well, not all of them, and not in all jurisdictions: the companies – bookmakers and online casinos – licensed in France, Ireland or the UK can list their apps in the Play Store. They must, in turn, observe a very strict set of rules regarding geo-blocking, age verification, and such. There are a few online casino and sports betting apps in the Play Store, but these are restricted to certain jurisdictions only.

Unless you live in France, Ireland or the UK, you shouldn’t be looking for real-money betting and casino apps in the Play Store. The fact of the matter is, you probably don’t even need to.

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The Play Store is full of bogus apps

The Jackpot City Casino is a reputable, licensed online gambling venue that’s been around for ages. It has a massive collection of table games and slots so you won’t ever have to be bored while there. You can use it to play online roulette and win real money or virtual currency if you choose to play in “practice mode.” Jackpot City is a well-known brand – and it has many copycats in the Play Store.

There are apps with similar names and similar logos, along with similar color combinations in the Play Store – you may end up downloading one of the apps that have nothing to do with your favorite casino but will flood you with ads and constantly interrupt your gaming experience.

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The web-based mobile casinos are amazing

Actually, you don’t really need to download and install an app on your phone to enjoy a great real-money gambling experience: you can simply go with the mobile browser version of the casino. While most online casinos relied on Flash alone to deploy their games in web browsers, over the years, they have all transitioned to HTML5. This makes their games completely cross-platform, offering the same experience no matter what device you play them on.

This transition began a few years ago, not long after Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs published his famous open letter in which he expressed his support for HTML5 (a very young standard at the time) and his distaste for Flash and its frequent crashes, poor performance on mobile devices, and its lack of touch support. In time, pretty much every new browser game, no matter if it’s social or real-money, uses HTML5.

You won’t find many real-money gambling options in the Play Store… but you won’t even need them. You can simply navigate to your favorite online casino’s website and dig right in.