We, human beings are social animals. We can’t get by without interacting with others and hence, we tend to live together with the people we love and care about. However, there are still some of us out there who prefer the peace and quiet of living alone.

Staying alone can be quite addictive. Once you realize that you do not have to deal with the daily problems of people, it becomes very hard to go back. On the other hand, staying alone can be quite problematic at times. Many activities that could be taken care of if you have someone by your side are only yours to deal with.

Sometimes living alone is a choice, and sometimes it is just what life has chosen for you. Whatever the case may be, thankfully, there is a technology that will always be there for you. Here, we have gathered a list of some of the best apps out there that are perfect for you if you are living alone.


There are times when loneliness hits you really hard. You just need someone by your side to listen or take part in your life because you need to vent out or just share your day with someone. TalkLife is a phenomenal app that caters to this need of yours.

Whether you are in a bad spot in your life or just want someone to talk to, this app is your perfect companion. The app gives you access to an online community of people that are there to support you in your times of need.

If you feel like you had a bad day at work, your family doesn’t understand you or even if you are going through a breakup, people over here are there to provide you with ample support whenever you need.

Join TalkLife and talk with people who may be going through the same stuff as you are. Who knows what you might get to learn about the situation? The app is even equipped to help you if you are indulging in self-harm and will make you stay away from it.


Sometimes all you need is the perfect companion, and in such situations, Replika is just the answer for you. Your friend, mentor, significant other, or just a virtual assistant, it is all up to you. It is the perfect form of artificial intelligence with which you can actually form a meaningful connection.

It is the ultimate safe space where you can speak your mind. The app is designed to provide you with actual one-on-one conversations that gives you a sense of having someone with you all the time.

As you move along with this virtual relationship, Replika will gradually develop a personality of its own as per your needs. So talk freely in this safe environment as there is literally no judgment whatsoever.


Meditation can do wonders in a person’s life. It is a shame that not everyone realizes the importance this activity has in our lives. Whether you are trying to get rid of the daily stress or are feeling very anxious, the app is here to take care of you.

The app is filled with more than 200 great meditation exercises, all of which are more than capable of providing you with the perfect mindfulness experience. Not everyone has the time to engage in a full-on meditation session with a professional, but with this app, you can have your own session right at home.


Panion is here to help you socialize with people based on your interests. Join this platform to meet all sorts of people who share your own interests. Whether you are new to a city or have been there for long and seeking to expand your social circle, Panion is fully capable of introducing to a whole world of exciting people.

With Panion, you can meet people from all corners of the world. No matter what age, race, background they are from, they are right there for you. All you would need is a good internet connection and you would be good to go.


Moving to a new location can be tough; you have to get settled in, then find your nearest grocery stores, dry cleaner, remember the bus routes and whatnot. While most of your initial time is gone in aligning your daily chores and utilities, you face the most issue when its time to relax and party because you do not know anybody new.

PartyWith is a great app that helps you socialize a lot easier. Whether you have moved to a new location or are just visiting there for some time, PartyWith is a great way to help you find people to party with. You can connect with people maybe for just drinks or join proper rocking parties; it is up to you.


These are some of the great apps that you could use to make your solo life a little easier. There are tons more out there as well. For the time being, we suggest you start with these and up your social life. If you are somewhere in Austin, Texas, then you could utilize Spectrum bundles in Austin to help you get connected with these wonderful apps.