Everyone wants to realize the American dream, and the best way to do it is by studying in the West. With the recent rise of China, an increasing number of Chinese people are moving abroad to acquire Western education. From 1979 to 2018, about 5.58 million people from China have studied abroad.

Most of these people have graduated from Universities in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. According to China’s Ministry of Education, the tally of Chinese students studying abroad spiked to 662, 100 in 2018 from 608, 400 in 2017. This indicated up to 8.83% increase in Chinese international students. More and more Chinese people are expected to seek Western education in the future as indicated by China Daily.

In a recent study by three Chinese professors, 6% of Chinese college students in 2017 were studying abroad. 35% of high school students in the same year were planning to seek Western education after graduation. Today, very many people from China are studying Western education from as young as grade and high school levels.

Studying abroad is necessary for the Chinese because Western-level education is necessary to maintain China’s competitiveness against the West. Chinese citizens must think and do things like the Western people in order for China to be a superpower. This is why close to 80% of the Chinese studying abroad go back to China after graduation, according to an article from China Daily.

While foreign education is important for the Chinese, it is very challenging to most of them due to barriers of language and culture. The Chinese have their own language, but they have to take Western education in Western languages. This is quite unfair to these students, especially when tested through the same grading system with ENLs. A Chinese student studying abroad has to take language and writing courses in addition to what he/she is studying as his/her major.

Language is not an easy thing to learn if one did not grow up with it. Just for being ESLs, the performance of Chinese international students is, on average, lower than that of native speakers. The Chinese have to balance between understanding language and their majors, while natives have to worry only about their major. A recent study from educational reviews and research indicated that the lack of English proficiency brings anxiety and confusion to international students, making them perform poorly.

Culture is another major roadblock to Chinese people studying abroad. Western culture is very far from Chinese culture. When studying in the West, a Chinese international student has to abandon his/her culture and adopt that of the West. In doing a class assignment, Chinese people are required to display Western culture instead of their own. This is a very hard requirement because culture is learned over a long time. This is pretty unfair to international students, and the Westerners will always win if the education system continues giving them an upper hand.

What then can an international student do to catch up with students from the West who already understand the tested culture and language? How can an ESL student be equal to a native student? Most international students bridge this gap by getting help with assignments because assignments are what grade them lower than their fellow students from the West.

It is a fact that an international student cannot achieve the same as a native when the former has to work extra by two factors. International students need to become natives first before they demonstrate the same level of the tested culture and language as their fellow students from the West. This is, however, not possible because language can take a lifetime to master and is better understood when one learns it while still at a tender age.

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Also, students do not move all the way from China to the West to study culture and language alone. ESLs will always be ESLs and can only achieve to the level of the natives by having natives write their assignments.

Some would argue that buying assignments is unethical, but isn’t it also unethical to test international students through and on a foreign language and culture? Isn’t it also unethical to grade international students’ understanding of the Western language and culture in the same way as natives? In such a setup, natives only have to worry about getting the concepts taught in class, while Chinese students have two more things to master. Is this fair?

Chinese international students also seek essay writing services because they have to work, attend classes, do assignments, take exams, study, learn the language and culture, and cope with the hard Western life that they were not used to. This is a lot for a person who is not in his/her own country, and who is also struggling with the language, culture, and income. Handling all these requirements and own life and personal interests must be highly stressful. This is why most Chinese students studying abroad seek help with their school assignments. For them to be equal to the natives, they have to have equal responsibilities. Seeking for academic help brings them closer to the natives.

Doing assignments can take half a day or even more, leaving very little time for coping up with the hard life in the West and doing other personal things. Also, Western education is hard, and unusual for Chinese students. Many Chinese find that the best way to close this gap between Chinese international student and their fellow students from the West is seeking help in-class assignments.

Purchasing essays does not mean that one abandons his/her studies. One can still study and acquire the knowledge that he/she came for. Remember, it is the skills and knowledge that Chinese students are most interested in when they seek Western education. All that international students are doing by acquiring class assignment help is ending discrimination in grading. They are fighting for their own. They are ensuring that all the barriers that come with being an international student do not get in their way to academic and career success. Remember, their fellow students from the West do not face these barriers.

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