what to wear to a wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, it is a known fact that booking your wedding venue usually takes precedence over any other aspect of the wedding plan.

Where you book your wedding venues will typically dictate how complex or simple the logistics of your wedding day will eventually be. Essentially, your wedding venue will also be indicative of how small or big your number of attendees will be. In this regard, determining where you will have your wedding event at the earliest possible time is imperative. Conventionally, wedding venues are typically left bare to give the couples free rein in decorating the place in accordance with their theme and motif.

Unfortunately, in an industry wherein almost every wedding theme has been tried and tired, how do affianced couples ensure that their wedding stands out? How do you make your wedding venue unique and still stay faithful to your theme? With a myriad of wedding venues in Quezon City or elsewhere, what measures should you take to make yours distinct without compromising the wedding theme you have decided on? For starters, every couple is different, so be sure to stay true and faithful to the elements that define you as a couple. Apart from that, here are some of the things you can do to have a wedding venue that is both exceptional and distinctive:

Use textured linens at your tables

Utilizing textured linens on your tables is an excellent way to make a statement. More importantly, it highlights the tables you wish to give significance to. One excellent, albeit expensive, way to add texture to tables is to go for sequined linens. However, sequins tend to snag on your attendees’ gowns so while it is a good idea, it is not practical. As an alternative, opt for a lace overlay, a table runner or flutter linen to make your wedding colors really pop out.


Have a myriad of desserts for people to try

Another excellent way to make your wedding stand out is to offer a wide variety of desserts for your guests to try. In lieu of going for the traditional set of snacks served during cocktail hour, have fun with your menu and incorporate different aspects of your relationship into the dessert menu. It might be that you and your partner are of different ethnicities or cities which you can creatively work into creating a distinct and personalized menu with desserts from each of you and your partner’s respective cities. If you have extra time and wish to take the extra mile, you might even want to include family dessert recipes into the mix for a truly personalized and authentic wedding experience.

Add fabric to soften up space

Drapes and fabrics are typically used in weddings to create a more whimsical atmosphere and make the overall ambiance a bit more homey and comfortable. However, these are also utilized to soften rooms and spaces and consequently cover up any ceiling tiles and ugly wallpapers that might not look so presentable to the eye. With the addition of hanging fabrics and tastefully selected curtains in key areas, you can immediately transform a rather dull ballroom into a delightful hall.


Be sure to use fresh flowers

To some people, using fresh flowers might be the more expensive option and seeing as it will be used only for a day. However, it is also undeniable that while plastic flowers might be the more practical route, they do not look as pretty nor as attractive as fresh flowers do. There is just something about the look and smell of fresh flowers that their plastic counterparts cannot emulate and use them in wedding receptions will do wonders for your venue.

Have a family photo table

Honor the memory of your departed family members by having the tables specifically designated for your relatives decorated with framed photos of relations who have already passed on. Family members will certainly appreciate that even the dearly departed members have a place of honor in your wedding. More importantly, it would make them reminisce of the good times they have had with those members. While it might take a bit of time and effort to round photos up, know that it will be very worth it and your family members will certainly appreciate it.

Add lights to your ceiling

Incorporating lights to your wedding venue can truly soften the overall ambiance and give it a certain glow that would make the overall effect romantic. However, before you go and book a supplier for hanging lights, be sure that your venue allows you to hang lights from their ceiling grid first and ensure that it complements the other light fixtures the venue already comes with. Be creative with your lights and think out of the box in order to come up with an effect that is distinct and attractive.

Diversify the height of your centerpieces

Give your room a striking dynamic and a touch of variety by diversifying the height of your centerpieces. If your venue comes with really tall ceilings, then consider having centerpieces that are quite tall and large but still of varying degrees in terms of height. However, if your venue is rather small and intimate, opt for a myriad of small centerpieces. Let your centerpieces complement the size of the room so that neither of them will overpower or diminish the other.