Top 5 travel destinations
Top 5 travel destinations

Travel, robust infrastructure and real estate market are key components in a city’s driving economic impact. Whether visitors are traveling for business or leisure, they are contributing substantially to the country’s global economy. With that in mind, holiday homes rentals like Airbnb and are in demand.

The below cities are ranked the highest in terms of the number of their total international overnight visitor arrivals and growth forecast for 2018.

  • Bangkok


It’s noisy, crowded and colorful. Thailand’s capital Bangkok welcomed more visitors than any other country. The most-sought city has been revealed as the most popular destination, attracting around a total of 20 million international overnight visitors in 2017 and is unlikely to be best as it is expected to grow of 9.6% this year.

  • London

London is known as a favorite among travelers for its rich cultural heritage, fine foods, and recognizable landmarks. The favored city took the second spot in the top global cities to visit. The city had roughly 19.83 million visitors last year and is likely to grow 3.0% this year. Tourists have spent over 5 nights and spent an average $153 per day.

  • Paris

Paris, the city of love and lights, ranked third for top destination cities in the world. A total of 17.44 million people visited Paris last year, and it is expected to grow by 2.9% for 2018. The average length of stay is 2.5 nights, considering it’s the second highest among the top 10 destinations cities in terms of average spend per day.


  • Dubai

Dubai is a futuristic and vibrant city that’s worth exploring when on holiday or on a short break. Travelers will never get bored of the glittering skyscrapers, pastel hues of the desert sand and luxury shops and stores that the city offers. More than 15 million international tourists traveled to Dubai last year, while the growth forecast for 2018 is expected to see an increase in 5.5% of people. Tourists from around the world spend an average of 3.5 nights in the populous city. Apart from hotels, visitors opt for holiday homes in Dubai to get the whole local experience. There is a wide range of holiday home rentals and apartments for rent in City Walk and in Dubai.

  • Singapore

Singapore is no doubt a top-notch travel destination for all. It’s also consistently seen as one of the world’s top places to work and live in. It may be crowded and expensive, but it is the fifth destination city in the world in terms of international overnight visitors, with a total of 13.91 million people. The growth forecast for 2018 is approximately 4.0%.

Bangkok, London, Paris, Dubai, and Singapore lead the way in the top of global destination cities, once again highlighting the importance of strong local culture, robust infrastructure, and business and leisure attractions.