Having a car is one of the luxuries of modern life. It helps make existing in the world more convenient, from getting to work on time to doing the shopping on the weekend. Although it is possible to live without one, many Australians would find the going tough without a reliable car. And when it comes to buying a vehicle, not everyone has the luxury of buying new or even “new” second-hand. Yet it is possible to buy an older car and get it ready for the road. Let’s take a look at the revving revival and how you can give a dated care a makeover.

Get a Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate is issued by a licensed mechanic and states that the vehicle is safe enough to drive on the road, by law. The mechanic will test things like the wear on the tires and check if all the lights are working correctly. They will also see if the steering and suspension are up to scratch if the exhaust works correctly and will test other aspects of the car’s operation. It is an offense to issue a roadworthy certificate to a car that isn’t roadworthy, so make sure you pick a licensed and reputable mechanic to do this for you.

Replace the Tyres if Needed

Older cars often come with tires that have seen a lot of kilometers. This means that they’re often worn out, close to balding and dangerous to drive on. A tread depth indicator will tell if they need replacing – usually, if there is 2mm of tread depth or so. It is worth shopping around for your replacement tires. Some websites will find you a great price, but you can also ring around wheel and tire centers close to you to find a good deal.

Give it a Thorough Clean

Older cars have often been sitting in a sales yard or someone’s driveway before being sold. This means that they gather dust, dirt, and grime as they sit there, waiting for their next owner. Before you drive it you’ll want to give it a decent clean, inside and out. Begin with the inside, and vacuum, wipe down and throw out any larger pieces of rubbish. Next, tackle the outside – wash, wax and dry it until it is gleaming. You can now drive away with pride, without worrying about being seen in a dirty car.

Consider an LPG Conversion

Many older vehicles aren’t as fuel-efficient as their modern equivalents. This means that they are particularly thirsty and will burn a lot of fuel as you drive around. For this reason, it is worth considering putting in an LPG tank. LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas and is a much cheaper fuel than petrol. Although it costs to install and you’ll need to get it serviced by an LPG mechanics, you will save quite a bit of money on fuel.

Get It Insured

You may think that you don’t need to bother with insuring an older car, as you will not get much of a cash payout in the case of an accident. Yet a small payout is better than none at all. At the very least you should consider third-party insurance, which means that the other party is covered by your insurer should you be at fault during an accident.


Older cars can still make reliable vehicles, providing you get them road-ready when you buy them. Make sure they come with a roadworthy certificate provided by a reliable mechanic. You will usually need to replace the tires as well. Make sure that you give it a decent clean, inside and out. Consider installing an LPG tank to save on fuel costs. And finally, don’t neglect to ensure the vehicle, even if you think it may not be worth it.