With the advancing technology, our need for seeking those technologies and getting full advantage from it has grown significantly. One such technology that we will be discussing in this article is the phone tracker for Android application.

Now, a lot of people are not aware of what exactly is a phone tracker for Android. Well, if you are among those people, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Why? Because we will be covering this topic in a very comprehensive way.

And finally, we will introduce you to a service provider that you can use in your android device to track the location and activity of the monitored device. But before that, let us discuss some other important details about the phone tracker for Android. Starting from –what exactly it is and how does it work.

The phone tracker on Android, what is it?

Android phone tracker is the android application for your devices to trace the activities and location of your loved ones like kids (if you are a parent) or your employees or your spouse.

All these applications come with GPS technology so that it can locate the device very easily. Some other cool features that you get with the phone tracker for Android applications are – Track SMS and MMS, incoming and outgoing calls recording, getting access to social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

One of the coolest things about these applications is you become a complete ghost when you are tracing the target’s activities or location. Meaning – the owner of the device that you have targeted to trace will not be aware that you are tracking or monitoring him/her.

One thing that you must note here is that – there are many phone trackers for Android applications available in the market that offer free services. However, if you want quality services, exact locations, real-time information, and stuff like that, you will have to purchase the plans. Because using free plans can have some drawbacks & limitations, and worst of all, in some cases, your identity can be compromised!

Now that you know what phone tracker for Android application is and how it works, you need to understand why this application is really popular in today’s period.

Why is the android phone tracker popular?

When applications like android tracer were not available to people, there were many cases where once phone used to get misplaced and never get found and cases where kids could easily fool their parents on phones and employees could trick their bosses.

However, in today’s time, this technology has saved a lot of people from getting their phone permanently lost and has helped many parents and employers to avoid getting tricked by their kids and employees respectively.

One more important thing about the phone tracker for the Android app is that. It is not limited to just tracking locations or reading texts; it is more than that. And to cover that part, we will look at the features that your phone tracker for Android app must provide.

What are the features of the phone tracker?

Some famous or important features that the best android keylogger must have to control or
monitor your target are:

  • GPS Location
  • Emails access
  • Call History
  • WhatsApp
  • Website visited
  • Calendar Events
  • Text Messages

There you go, these were the most common features that your phone tracker must provide you to track and monitor your target.

How legal is it to use this application?

Now, if you are a parent who wants to look after your kid’s activity or track him/her down, it is under your legal rights. However, you must find out the local rules in the state for more clearance.

If you are an employer and want to track your employees or employees with the help of a phone tracker application, you should inform them about the tracking beforehand. Leaving that aside, you can give your employees company-owned devices and tell them about the tracing.

Tracking is not a casual task, and the target must not be aware of what is happening; otherwise, things can go against you. As a parent, this can be taken lightly, but from a business point of view, your employee must be informed that the checking is a general rule, and there is no peeking in their personal life or tracing while they are off duty.

How hard is it to install the application on your phone?

You don’t need to know any coding and other stuff to install these applications. It is quite easy and simple, just follow the steps written below, and you will be tracking your target in no time.

Step 1. First, you will have to prepare your target’s android phone.


Here you have to enable the “UNKNOWN SOURCES” option.

Step 2. Open your internet browser and follow the link here.

Step 3. Enter your email and address to create the Hoverwatch account.

Step 4. Click on “SIGN UP FREE”

Step 5. You will get an option to download a file, which is the application. Click on DOWNLOAD.

Step 6. Install the application and open it.

Step 7. You will then receive three to four options for selecting on whose device you want to install this tracking application. Select the option, and you are done.

Hoverwatch phone tracker for Android phones

Hoverwatch is an amazing phone tracker for Android application that helps its users to silently track and record their targets, be it their kids, spouses, or employees.

The installation process that you just read above is the same procedure that is applied here to install the Hoverwatch application on android phones.

You may also want to note that Hoverwatch is not limited to only tracking your target; it has much cooler features such as:

  • Cell Phone Tracker
  • It records SMS, call history, audio, and camera.
  • Gives you real-time and exact locations
  • Allow you to access into WhatsApp, Snapchat Facebook, Telegram, Skype, and Instagram
  • You can also monitor internet activity, contacts, and calendar events.
  • You can track up to five devices.
  • It tracks even if the target removes the SIM card.
  • Take android screenshots

Altogether, Hoverwatch gives you the full experience of as a real-life spy because of its multiple features, easy installation, and, most importantly, making you a ghost or invisible for your target.

Conclusions and Results

If you are an android user, you must be familiar with the term phone tracker for Android application. It is nothing but a tracking application that you can use to spy on your kids, spouse, employees, and pretty much everybody.

However, you must be careful to invade someone’s privacy, as in some states, it may be noted as a crime or illegal. Installing such an application is very simple and easy to use.

Just visit iavcei.org and learn free about the new features of your phone to get total security on your Android device. Download and install the latest spy app and become invisible with new technology.