With Juul discontinuation of their fruity flavors, many juul fans are flocking to try new ones. There are thousands of juul flavors that are not made by Juul. However, most are horrible in terms of quality and taste. We tested hundreds of juul pods so you don’t have to. This is our list of the top 5 Juul pods.

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  1. Clear Mango by The Jones

This pod is the closest thing you can get to the original authentic mango. Sweet ripe mango with ana amazing throat hit. The Jones beats the competition in value, quality, and flavor. First, these pods are almost twice the size of a regular juul cartridge and still cheaper. Another crazy thing about the jones… it comes with 5 pods!

The Jones Clear Mango Comes in 4.5% nicotine strength only.

  1. Lush Ice Pod King

Lush ice by pod king is another high-quality pod. We understand that most off-brands lack quality and they mostly leak. With the pod king, there is none of this problem.

Pod king lush ice is loved by all the menthol and mint fans. It has a fruity watermelon hint on the exhale.

It comes in 5% nicotine strength only.

  1. Eonsmoke Pineapple Crush

Eonsmoke is the oldest brand to make juul compatible pods. They were the first to interduce exotic fruity flavors in the Juul market. Their Pineapple Crush is their most popular and probably the best one.

Eonsmoke pods have the highest nicotine at 6%.

  1. Ugly Grape

Ugly is the newest comer in the juul compatible market, but they quickly made a name for themselves. Their grape flavor has been recommended by many vape shop owners and youtube reviewers for its spot on grape taste.

Ugly brand only makes 6% nicotine strength pods. However, their 6% feels smoother than eonsmoke’s pods.

Ugly has 4 other flavors that are surprisingly very tasty but couldn’t make it on this list. Their strawberry kiwi is a must-try.

  1. Glazed Donuts by Pod King

Now this one is truly a unique flavor. Many people swear by this flavor for how surprisingly well it tastes. Glazed donuts by pod king should be our number one in this list. However, it is so hard to find. Many people think the flavor has been discontinued but the company actually only makes a limited number of pods each month.