For those of us that want that added layer of security when browsing the web, VPN services can add security that we crave. Through their fantastic encryption software and their ability to hide your location and credentials from hackers, companies, and whoever else that seeks them on the web, VPNs offer a wonderful service that keeps the internet a safe space.

However, if using a free version of these services, there are a few things that you should know. Free VPN services do not give you access with no aims of making cash. They use techniques within their means to urge no customers into spending on their products. Or alternatively, the VPN provider may use other, more subtle and hidden means in order to make their money back on the free users. As first reported by vpnetic, free VPN-services often sell their customers information to third-party advertisers. So, with that in mind. Here are a few reasons why a full VPN subscription is advised.

Ads, Ads, Ads

The most obvious tactic that you will witness from the service provider is a multitude of ads dominating your screen. Just to use the service, you’ll have to sift through a cavalcade of advertisements just to get any value out of the free version.

The provider aims to make this service as irritating to use as possible so that you will eventually crack and purchase a version that is ad-free. If you have resolve and patience in spades, then this may not be an issue for you. Though, if you’re looking for a stress-free VPN experience, we would suggest you bite the bullet and purchase a full subscription.

However, there are decent free VPN alternatives. There aren’t many, but if you are really eager to find a decent free VPN then we are certain that you will be able to do it. ProtonVPN is a recognized trusted operator that offers a free version of its service.

The downside of this is that you have limited connections, devices, and countries. So, if your goal is to use the VPN to get around geographic restrictions on Netflix, a free VPN will perhaps not suffice since your country of choice might not be available.

Your Details Are A Commodity

One of the most important things about a VPN service to users is its ability to hide your details and browsing habits. However, when using the free version of the service, the same courtesy is not always honored by the provider. Yes, your habits and credentials are hidden from hackers and other random onlookers. Though, it is kept by some VPN providers and sold to the highest bidder who can make use of the data.

This is often your browsing habits and online shopping purchases. Companies find this especially useful as they can use the data to target advertisements and information that is geared towards you the individual. Which in turn, often leads to a higher level of spending and website traffic for them.

VPN services will do this to free customers as they are not offering any financial benefit to the provider. Allowing them to make a profit on those that are using their service for free, even if it is through shady and rather nefarious means. Bear this in mind when using free versions and perhaps consider a full version to avoid unwanted data sharing.

A fraction of the Security

With the free service, due to the costs, the provider will have to endure just to give you a solid, safe connection. Many providers will see this as an unnecessary burden. So, for this reason, they will offer unpaid users a much less reliable security service.

This will often act similar to that of malware. Using some security assets but ultimately, the service provided is weak and can be easily deciphered due to the weak level of encryption.

For those that are only seeking another layer of security at no extra cost, this may be fine. However, if you are relying heavily on this service to give you an outstanding level of security and safety. Then we would advise that you pay a subscription and make avail of the premium level services that are on offer.

Ultra-slow connection

When it comes to VPN services and their ability to offer seamless download, upload, and connection speeds to users. In most cases, you will experience a slower connection than your usual one due to the encryption process. Though paid VPNs do a great job of offering speeds that are good enough that you will barely notice, or at least see it as a small sacrifice for the greater good.

However, with the free alternative services, what you can expect is speeds that are constantly bogged down. This will be due to their smaller networks or a higher number of users in some cases leading to bandwidth throttle, especially if browsing in other countries. This will bring your browsing speeds down drastically or in some cases, to an absolute standstill. So, if you want to ensure fast speeds with the added security of a VPN. Usually, the only way to ensure this is through reaching into your pocket and paying a fee.

That’s our view on why you should consider a paid VPN subscription. What are your views on paid VPN services? Do you think they are worth the investment? What services do you think offer the most value for money? Let us know in the comments and thank you for reading.