LHD ‘17 Productivity 01 photo by Paul Esch-Laurent ( pinjasaur) on Unsplash
LHD ‘17 Productivity 01 photo by Paul Esch-Laurent ( pinjasaur) on Unsplash

Old style computers or monitors consist of CRT or cathode ray tube monitors that contain lead, & computers contain some other dangerous materials which should be disposed of safely.

In case the computer is disposed to a landfill then the materials & chemical components that are used for making computer equipment like lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium could leach into groundwater and soil. It causes harm to the environment as well as human population.

What Happens If Your Computer Is Recycled?

Computers & accessories which are in good working condition could be refurbished along with new replacement parts as well as software. You can make the repackaged computers available to low-bracket individuals, communities, & community organizations. Plus, electronic waste which is gathered for the recycling typically undergoes the manual dismantling process. And, the individual materials like glass, circuit boards, plastics, cabling are recovered & processed. Hence, they could be generally used as the raw materials for producing new products or items.

Do you want to get rid of the old computer? If yes, then you might make sure that its hard drive does not become the treasure chest to the identity thieves. You will have to use such a program which wipes or overwrites the hard drive multiples times. You must consider the following:

  • Clean Your Hard Drive
  • Dispose of Your Computer

Clean Your Hard Drive

When you are going to clean your computer hard drive then first save your files that you need to keep to:

  • CD Rom
  • new computer
  • USB drive
  • external hard drive

You must check out the manual of your owner, the manufacturer’s site, or its client support service for essential information on how to save your important data & transfer this to your new computer.

There are utility programs for wiping the hard drive. They are available both in stores and online where the computers are typically sold. Such programs are generally not very expensive; a few are on the internet without any free. The programs vary:

  • A few erase your entire disk, and others let you select folders or files to erase.
  • A few wipe or overwrite your hard drive several times, and others overwrite this just one time.

Consider using some program which wipes or overwrites your hard drive multiple times; otherwise, entire deleted information can be retrieved. You can also remove your hard drive & physically destroy this.

In case you are using your personal or home computer for the business purposes then check with the employer regarding how to organize important information on the computer which is business-related. And, the law needs a business to follow the data security & disposal requirements for the information which is relevant to the customers.

Dispose of Your Computer


Most computer manufacturers got programs for recycling computers & components. You need to check their sites out or call them on toll-free numbers to get the necessary information. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has information regarding programs of electronic products recycling. The local community might have some recycling program as well. You need to check with your local or county government that includes the landfill office.


There are a lot of organizations which gather old computers & then donate those to different charities.


Have you looked into selling it online? Many organizations and people purchase old computers. You can check online.

Most computer equipment consists of hazardous materials which do not belong in the landfill. Some computers contain heavy metals which could contaminate our earth, for instance. The EPA also recommends you have to check with the local sanitation and health agencies for many ways to dispose of your computer safely.