Today’s cars are increasingly becoming more reliant on digital tools. Take, for instance, Tesla’s vehicles. The company continues to pursue auto software that streamlines the driving experience for users. Of course, this is just the beginning of the much needed digital revolution in the auto industry and the future is promising. In time, we might see fully autonomous cars safely handling the road.

While the auto industry is on a path to success, auto repair shops should not get left behind. As cars become more advanced, so should repair shops practices. We are not talking about a change in equipment or more intense training for staff. Instead, we are talking about the integration of innovative tools such as auto repair software.

An auto repair software is a solution that helps repair shops handle, process and organize orders. In hindsight, it is what a smartphone is to a busy person – an all-in-one tool that greatly enhances productivity and capability. It is easy to say that auto repair software is useful, but that is an understatement. A lot of these solutions are jam-packed with much-needed features for an auto shop. As such, auto repair software is a necessity. Here are some of the tools you can expect to see in such software.

Mobile Accessibility

The top auto software often comes packed with accessibility features that allow users to access the program in a selection of devices. One great example of a software that comes packed with accessibility is Tekmetric’s own solution. As long as there is an internet connection nearby, Tekmetric is accessible anytime – be it through a PC or through a smartphone. What makes this feature great is that auto shops will no longer have to pay for backups or hardware maintenance as all of their data is already safe and secure.


Understandably, some auto shop owners might be worried about the possibility of losing data and progress due to cyber attacks. Software like Tekmetric is equipped with state-of-the-art cybersecurity that prevents the loss of data whether it be through an attack or a virus. This security feature also ensures that all data are private and inaccessible by people with no permission.

Inventory Management

One of the most tiring parts of running an auto shop is handling an inventory. Back in the day, people had to use tons and tons of paper to keep track of the items they have. With auto repair software, it is easier to update and keep track of an inventory. This allows shops to see which items they need to order and which items they are about to run out of.

Appointment Management

Another tiring process in auto shops is scheduling and creating appointments. Shops with a huge following of customers often struggle to keep their schedule in check due to the vast amount of orders they get. With the appointment management features of auto solutions, setting an appointment and scheduling a week’s worth of work can be done with a few clicks or taps.


Some software also comes with reporting and statistics features. This allows the shop owners to see the profit gained within a set period of time. In doing so, they are able to adjust their services to see which areas need improving on for further financial growth.

This is just a small list of all the possible features in an auto software. Each brand offers its own unique take on the solution and auto shop owners must weigh their options when picking which one to use. Some offer more features than the others. Thus they are better investments to be made.