There is so much hype in the beauty world about the Jade Roller. Whether you are on the lookout for any skin care recommendations online or browsing through your favorite Instagram bloggers account, you definitely cannot miss this gorgeous beauty tool – The Jade Roller.

Imagine waking up on Monday morning after a long weekend of hanging out with your besties and looking at your swollen face in the mirror. This is where the beautiful jade roller can be a lifesaver. This beauty tool can work wonders on your face if you keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours and then start rolling on upward motion. The cooling sensation on your face and the healing goodness of jade stone works harmoniously to help depuff, increase blood circulation and also to reduce puffy eyes.

However, as much as the jade roller is becoming popular, it is vital to know how exactly to use it so that you take the maximum benefits. Celebrities such as Marianna Hewitt have done youtube tutorials on how to use a jade roller.

How to use a Jade Roller the right way!

We believe the jade roller should always be used on clean skin. Especially if you are doing your beauty routine in the night, cleanse your face and make sure you keep your facial roller in the fridge so that it can start getting cool. Take your facial oil/facial cream and apply on your face. When you start massaging on upward motion with your jade roller, it will help any product sink deeper into your skin. This means your skin will absorb all the nutrients from the product that you are using while giving it a cooling massage.

Now when you start rolling, make sure you start from the center and out on an upward motion. Best way to do this is by visually splitting your face into two halves while using your nose as the divider. Then you roll from the center to one side and then go to the other side. Make sure you use gentle pressure on your face as we are aiming to pamper our skin with a soothing massage.

Use the large part of your roller for your cheeks while using the small end on your eyes. Use it for under eyes and go from the corner of your eyes to your ears gently massaging your skin. Repeat each area at least three times to ensure those products are penetrating to your skin while depuffing your face. You can massage your whole face including your eyebrows, nose, and forehead. Your skin will love this beauty routine, and it is great that you can carry your jade roller with you anywhere you go and start rolling whenever your face is craving for a massage. Creating healthy skin should be a part of your daily self-care using a jade roller. By using natural or organic products, you can give your skin a natural treatment with no chemicals.

After rolling for a couple of minutes, clean your jade roller with a slightly moist soft cloth to remove any cream/moisturizer or oil from the stone. This is also a great habit for maintaining hygiene with your routine. Invest in a facial roller and see the benefits yourself!