Today, pink diamonds are getting popular in the world of fashion. Although pink diamonds are highly coveted and exceptionally beautiful, they are among the most expensive diamonds. This is the reason why it is linked to celebrities and royalties.

Buying a pink diamond can be overwhelming. Such is the reason why learning about them is important. Thus, in this article, you will learn the factors before buying pink diamonds.

It is Expensive

Pink diamonds belong to a prestigious and pricey piece of jewelry. You can often see it owned by celebrities because of its price. Moreover, it has created an impression among the popular and biggest auction houses like Sotheby and Christie, which cost more than hundreds of thousands for each carat.

They are expensive since it is hard to find a high-quality pink diamond. Indeed, owning a pink diamond is a nice addition to your investment portfolio.

It is Scarce

Australian pink diamonds can only be found in a few of the diamond mines around the world. Argyle Mine in Australia produces the biggest number of pink diamonds.

diamond, cut, polished

It Has Mysterious Color Origins

Diamonds are assessed based on clarity, cut, carat weight, and color. Colored diamonds are always more special than the rest. They get their hues from the trace elements which exist during its formation. Elements can cause colors. For example, nitrogen can make the diamonds yellow while boron can make the diamonds blue.

But nobody knows what specific elements that cause the diamond to be pink. The formation of pink diamonds is still a mystery. Experts still do not know what causes its pink color.

However, there is research that provides that pink diamonds contain graining, which is high-pressure. This is due to the compressed internal structure. Such a process is called ‘plastic deformation,’ and it might be the reason for their pink color.

Color Combination of Pink Diamonds

The most valuable kind of pink diamonds is those with the purest and most intense color. But pink diamonds are also found to be with secondary hues. For example, Australian pink diamonds can include gray, brown, purple, or orange. The most popular kind is purplish-pink.

Whenever you evaluate the stone, you must also consider the intensity of its color. You can have a faint purplish-pink diamond and a deep purplish-pink diamond. These two have different values.

When you buy a pink diamond, its exact color will be described based on its intensity, primary color, and secondary color.


Pink diamonds have a direct correlation to value, unlike the colorless ones. Since pink diamonds are rare, its price will also shock you. Its value may differ according to the color combination.

Purplish-pink diamonds are valued higher versus the brownish-pink diamonds. However, take note that brownish pink diamonds are still priced high if compared with other gemstones.

In general, the prices can go up depending on the intensity of the color of pink diamonds.