Flood damage claim Los Angeles is very common since California is one of the states in America, which is usually flooded. One may feel upset, frightened, or confused when a flood catastrophe hits his or her home. It is strongly advised that you have to file a flood damage claim with your insurance provider as soon as possible if you have flood insurance. It is necessary to instantaneously file your claim and have all the required documents or information on hand. Your insurance policy can assist you to get financial compensation for anything that was lost or harmed in your home during the flood.

Flood Damage Claim Los Angeles: The Filing Process

Check your insurance policy.

You should check first with your policy because not all insurance policies involve a flood damage claim, and you will often have to have a secondary policy before the flood happens. You should thoroughly read the “Declarations” page as well to check for this one. You have to make sure that you are up to date with all of your facts. If you have a mortgage, simply ensure that your insurance policy about your mortgage company is up-to-date. You will need to let your insurance agent know instantly if you are going to refinance with another company.

Immediately notify your insurance provider.

The next thing that you should do is to notify your insurer. Keep all the information about your insurance policy on hand and contact the insurance provider or the company immediately after the flood. It may take a flood damage claim Los Angeles to be processed for several days or even weeks (especially if there are many LA residents who are also filing). When you submit a claim, there may be a time constraint, so it is essential to start that process as quickly as possible. If you are going to call your insurance provider, then you must keep your insurance policy number on hand. Let your insurer know that at any moment of the day, they can contact you with the telephone number and/or email address provided for faster transactions.

Consult with your insurance representative.

You also have to know the time frame of filing a claim. It is necessary to consult your insurance representative with what is the timeframe for the filing of flood damage claim Los Angeles. Of course, this is not simply a specific date, but it can provide you an idea of when an insurance representative is going to visit your home – which is a key component of the process. This way, it will also help you to have a plan in advance, therefore having all the files that are needed way before the insurance officer or the agent will pay you a visit.

It will also depend on your insurer and the particular policy that you have when it comes to the length of the process of your flood damage claim. That is why it is crucial to inquire to your insurance representative, as he can offer you a better understanding of what to expect.

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Document all the damages.

You will need to separate the damaged from the undamaged belongings before an adjuster can come and evaluate the damage to your home and property. In doing so, it would make it easier for your insurance adjuster to assess what has actually been damaged and how much it will cost to fix those. This will also assist you to avoid the undamaged objects from being damaged by water or mold in the damaged property. Until your adjuster has evaluated the extent of the damage, you should not dispose of any of your items. If it is secure and viable, you can put the damaged property in your garage or yard. In so doing, there will be no extra mold that will be subjected to your home and undamaged property.

Documenting the damages in your property is an essential component of the process of the flood damage claim. Your insurer could reject your claim if there is inadequate and uncomprehensive documentation. Take pictures of any objects that have been damaged or discarded – include all the furniture, clothing, equipment, and other items. It would even be best to take pictures of any structural damage, cosmetic or surface damage, and any water levels that are inside and outside your home. If you have a video recorder, you can also use video footage to compliment your pictures. Take photos and document any of the damages to other structures in your property. It is also advisable to have a skilled electrician to evaluate your electrical system. You will be reimbursed for any needed tests by most insurance companies.

You must prepare an inventory of items that have been damaged or lost. It is a smart idea to preserve a running list of all damaged or lost things in relation to taking pictures of the damages in your home. Include the description, value, approximate purchase date, and any receipts you may have retained for each item. If your property was damaged or wiped away during the flood, working from your memory is the least that you can do.

Consider making temporary repairs.

You may also consider making repairs or accommodations temporarily. Once the damage has been documented, it may take several days or even longer before an adjuster can arrive and evaluate the damage. It may take longer than expected if flooding has hit your entire community or region. Making sure your living environment is secure and livable in the meantime is very essential.

Prepare for the visit of your adjuster.

When the adjuster goes and visits your home, you should show him or her all the damages, both inside and outside, your home and around the property. Make and send copies of both the itemized inventory and the pictures that you took.

Make a “Proof of Loss.”

Your insurance company may send you a “proof of loss” form before an adjuster can visit, depending on your insurer and the magnitude of the damage in your region. Document the damage simply as you would for an adjuster and include copies of your entire documentation.