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The countertops are usually the main focal point of a kitchen. They are used every single day. In fact, they are probably the most used surface in the entire house. They see cooking, baking, good days, and bad days. This is why people are often looking into changing this fundamental part of their kitchen. They want to get something new, but something not too expensive since it will see so much wear and tear. Countertops are easy to get replaced or newly installed on a low budget. Let’s explore some of the options.

Choose concrete options

Concrete counters are by far one of the cheapest countertop options. When using the right color and finish, they can also look just like stone or marble counters, but for much less damage to your bank account. They are also one of the only counter options you can install yourself, which will save you loads of money on paying contractor and labor fees.

If DIY projects are not your expertise, that is perfectly fine, as the concrete counter installation is quick and affordable when done by a professional as well.

Tile counters

Tile counter designs used to be only built in older homes or homes wanting a vintage vibe. However, nowadays, they are installed in a wide variety of homes. Tile is much cheaper than stone and is highly customizable. They can come in bright colors or more neutral tones, making them suitable for virtually any home.

Tile also does not usually have to be custom cut which saves you time and fees for paying a professional to cut slabs for you.

Wood counters

Rustic and farmhouse-themed kitchens are coming back into style, which means wood counters are too. Wood is even cheaper than tile and much cheaper than stone. Wood counters add warmth to a kitchen, which can give your kitchen a better cozy feeling. This makes wood a great option for large kitchens or kitchens with several windows because the wood will take advantage of the natural light and make the room feel smaller.

Do keep in mind that wood counters will have to be oiled every few years and can stain easily, so they may not be the best choice for families with children or messy chefs.

Acrylic surface counters

Acrylic is a great alternative to stone because it still has a solid-colored surface. Acrylic counters are also scratch-resistant making them more durable than wood or tile. Any counter with low maintenance qualities will save you money in the years to come, even if the upfront cost is a little higher.

Quartz overlay counters

Dreaming of those smooth and shiny quartz counters but it’s just not in the budget? Good news! The same exact look can be achieved by using an overlay method. Visit this page to see some of the amazing custom-made options available to you.

Quartz is simply overlayed onto your already existing counter. No one will even be able to tell what is underneath. The overlay also offers the same durability and element-resistant qualities as counters that are fully quartz.

Laminate counters

Do not worry, laminate counters have come a long way since your grandparent’s house was built. Stone stores and contractors use advanced printing techniques that can make your laminate look exactly like real stone. You can have beautiful faux stone counters at just a fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind though that laminate counters will not offer the same resistant or durable qualities that real stone has. Make sure to spill stains up quickly and keep hot pans off the surfaces.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a cheaper way to get nicer-looking counters but for less money. Stainless steel can be more money if you are changing all the countertops. However, creating a stainless-steel kitchen island is becoming an interior design trend for this year.

This is a cost-effective addition to any kitchen as it makes space appear more modern and provides extra room for storage.

Painted counters

This is probably the cheapest option as it does not require any new material or a contractor. You can paint over your old dreary-looking counters for a fresher-looking kitchen. However, only certain surfaces can be painted over such as laminate, tile, and marble.

Always make sure to use a primer before the paint and a sealer afterward. This will ensure that the paint does not chip or peel off. Painted counters will have to be updated often to keep them from looking worn.

Faux granite

Countertops that appear to be granite are a cheap look to create and one that your pocket will love. The best way to do this is to pick three different shades of paint (within the same color scheme or pallet). With the fake granite look, make sure to dab the paint on with a sponge rather than using a paintbrush.

A sealer should always be added at the end of the process so that the paint will not peel off quickly, leaving you having to start over.

Resurface your existing counter

If your existing counters are laminate or wood, a simple resurfacing project may do the trick to give you an updated kitchen. You can also restain the wooden countertops to make them darker or have a new finish. This can be a simple DIY project or an inexpensive call to the contractor.

Install a butcher block

This is a fantastic option if you only need to replace a certain part of your existing counters. A butcher block will break up the space of your uniform counters and give the kitchen an updated look. It is also is an excellent addition because it provides for extra prep space and more room to cut vegetables.

Getting new countertops can be an inexpensive and quick way to make your home feel instantly new. We spend so much time in our kitchens, they should always be kept updated and in good condition. Your budget definitely does not have to hinder your desire for new counters.