oil change

If you had to change the oil in your car by yourself, would you know how to do it?

Most people know how important it is to change the oil in their cars. But according to a recent study, only about 50% of them know how to do it.

Furthermore, only about one-third of people say they’re “extremely confident” in their ability to change a car’s oil. That means that almost 70% of people aren’t entirely sure how to change the oil in a car.

It’s important for these people to know the best place to get an oil change. They’re going to need to visit this place at least a few times every year to have their oil changed.

Do you need help tracking down the best place to get an oil change in your area? Let’s take a look at five of your options below.

1. Auto Dealership

Drive down any busy street in the U.S., and there’s a good chance that you’ll pass at least a few auto dealerships before you turn off it. There are almost 17,000 auto dealerships all across the country today.

Many people only visit an auto dealership when they need to buy or lease a car. But you can also turn to auto dealerships when you need to have an oil change done.

In fact, many auto dealerships offer cheap or even free oil changes for their loyal customers. They also offer a wide range of other car maintenance and repair services to them.

The next time you need to have an oil change done, don’t hesitate to take your car back to the dealership where you bought it. Often times, they’ll keep track of your oil changes for you and let you know when you need to have another one done so that you don’t forget.

2. Auto Repair Shop

While taking your vehicle to an auto dealership for an oil change is a great idea, it’s not always convenient. An auto dealership isn’t going to be the best place to get an oil change if you don’t live anywhere close to one.

Just about everyone lives in the general vicinity of an auto repair shop, though. There are more than 270,000 auto repair shops in the U.S. as of right now, and that number is expected to go up as the number of registered vehicles continues to increase.

You can take your car to almost any auto repair shop right now and get an oil change done to it. It’s one of the most basic services offered at these shops.

You should, however, be careful about where you bring your car for service. Try to find an experienced auto repair shop that is going to take good care of your car while they have it in their possession.

3. Oil Change Service

Do you want to have the oil in your car changed as quickly as possible while you wait?

If so, taking your vehicle to an auto dealership or an auto repair shop might not be the best idea. They don’t always have the time to perform an oil change on the spot, which might lead to you being forced to wait a little while to have your oil changed.

That won’t be an issue when you bring your vehicle to an oil change service. These services specialize in doing oil changes and put a strong emphasis on getting people in and out of the door in a hurry.

From the second you pull into an oil change service, you’ll notice the difference. In most cases, you’ll be able to get in and out of an oil change service in a matter of just 15 to 20 minutes, if not sooner.

Just try not to show up at one of these places on a Saturday morning and expect for your oil change to get done that fast. You should take your car in for an oil change on a less busy day of the week if you don’t have time to sit around and wait for your car to be done.

4. Big-Box Store

In an effort to bring in more customers, many of the nation’s big-box stores have opened up garages that allow people to get oil changes while they shop. These stores might be great options for you if you plan on being in them anyway.

You can drop your car off at a garage, go and do your shopping, and then come back later to pick up your car. It’s one of the easiest ways to work an oil change into the mix on an otherwise hectic day.

5. Your Own Driveway

There are some people who are under the impression that you have to be a professional mechanic to change the oil in a car. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Even if you don’t know the slightest thing about changing the oil in a car, you can teach yourself how to do it in a matter of minutes. There are all kinds of resources online that will help you change your oil in a flash.

By taking this approach to car care, you might make yourself more interested in doing more than just oil changes. Before long, you might also be tackling other car maintenance and repair jobs that you never would have imagined tackling before.

Choose the Best Place to Get an Oil Change in Your Area

The best place to get an oil change in your area is the place that’s going to get you in and out in no time. You don’t have all day to devote to getting an oil change.

Consider all of the options that we’ve laid out for you here and pick the one that will work best for you. And whatever you do, don’t put off getting an oil change any longer than you have to. It could hurt your car’s performance in the long run.

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