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Maintaining a clean car will help you feel happy, confident, and have enjoyable driving experience.

We all know the importance of cleaning and the impact it has on our health, so it is no wonder that the cleaning industry has a wide market with all kinds of car detailing kits.

But even if the car is cleaned inside out and is maintained in perfect shape, we can still miss important parts that can affect our health.

One of those spots that might be easily missed is the air conditioning system.

Being so inaccessible is also not easy to check and clean but with some simple steps and advises that can change.

Many microorganisms can find a suitable reproduction environment in air conditioning systems that are not maintained clean regularly.

When it is not clean, the AC becomes the perfect place for bacteria, fungus, mildew growth, and you will find out only when you get sick or have a bad odor in the car.

Many people are allergic, and a contaminated AC can cause serious health issues and even trigger serious illnesses linked to the respiratory system like asthma or infections.

The best way to avoid that is to avoid breathing contaminated air by cleaning the AC system and sanitizing it.

Air fresheners are good in dissimulating odors, but those are strong indicators of having a bad quality of air.

If you feel an unpleasant or strange smell coming from the air vents of your AC you should know you must clean it thoroughly.

With some easy steps, you can do that for yourself and have a clean and well maintained AC.

You will need to use professional products that are designed for that purpose to obtain the best results and be sure they remove any microorganisms that can cause health issues and also dust and other residues.

Cleaning materials:

  • Air Conditioning cleaning kit
  • Special air cleaning products like special cleaning foams
  • Special air diffusers for the Klima system
  • cleaning brushes
  • interior air conditioner outlet dust glue/gum/gel cleansers
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Cleaning steps

1.Cleaning the air vents

First, you must open the car windows because the cleaning products have a powerful smell and irritating substances and you do not want to breathe them.

You must spray the foam with a special foam applicator inside the air vents orifices until you see the foam coming out of them, you must do that with each one of the air vents.

The special has an active ingredient that will remove the dirt and kill all the microorganisms that have found a place there.

These foam will turn into a liquid and will drip eventually through the vents down.

After you manage to insert the foam in all the air vents, you must leave it to activate and work on the surfaces.

After the time runs out, you can start the AC on the max speed to ventilate all the air vents and remove any remained solution.

It is recommended to do it once every six months to keep the air conditioning clean and sanitized.

2.Cleaning the air filter and add Klima diffuser

Turn on the air conditioning system on recirculating and set it at the lowest temperature.

Remove the capping system to not allow the air filter to absorb all the solutions.

If the filter needs to be changed, just replace it with a new clean one, they need to be replaced once a year or even sooner if the air quality is bad.

With the windows closed agitate and let the diffuser sit near the lowest air vents and to spray all the content in all the car.

The recirculating setting will absorb all the air diffused compound and will recirculate it for some time to allow it to clean and refresh the air.

You must not be in the car when the cleaning cycle is done.


With the right products, all cleaning is easy and efficient, and you can have your car in top shape, ensuring a comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable environment.