When it comes to advertising your brand, you might think that a huge banner or an expensive digital ad campaign is the only way to go.

But the truth is that you can extend your brand identity with a much smaller solution – namely a promo button. Sure, they may only take up a small space. But consider this: anyone who wears one becomes a mobile ambassador for your business.

Let’s take a look at the value of creating custom buttons for promotion, as well as some ideas for ones that stand out.

They’re Inexpensive and Portable

Compared to some other types of promotional items such as flash drives, a promo button is a good choice. They are relatively inexpensive to produce per unit, require no power source, and can be worn – which is the key.

You can drop your custom pins or buttons into a swag bag at a conference, or give them out from your booth at a trade show. This allows guests to put them on right away and start showing off your business name or logo.

It doesn’t stop there: anyone who wears your button or pin will bring your brand with them wherever they go. That means people on the street may see it and ask about it, especially if you’ve done something to make the button stand out (more on that next.)

You can also hand them out to staff that deals directly with clients to remind them of a special offer. Or you can give them out to your most loyal customers when they frequent your establishment.

Make Them Worth Wearing

If you just have a small logo and a phone number on your button, you may not command the kind of attention you’re hoping for.

Instead, consider something that is visually appealing such as graphics or an interesting phrase that might pique curiosity or motivate people. Here are a few ideas:

• If you’re running a cafe, for example, you could have a pin that says “you’ve got this!” with your business name in smaller type underneath.

• You could also consider making the pins more functional. Creating a reflective pin that people can wear at night to be more visible to traffic can not only boost your brand but also help keep the wearer safe.

• There are even buttons that use magnets to adhere to clothing rather than using a pin, which ups the safety aspect.

• Add a bottle opener to the pin design so they see your brand name every time they pop open a cold one.

Using a Promo Button Can Extend Your Reach

Whether you’re giving a promo button away at a trade show or conference, making them a rotating part of staff uniforms, or giving out personalized buttons to customers that visit your shop often, you can take your brand to the next level by getting creative.

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