what is a pawn shop

How to make our money worthy forever? This is a question everyone is thinking about! Stock real estate needs not only a huge investment but also too turbulent! Therefore, jewelry investment has become a new goal for everyone. This year, the RMB depreciation, jewelry becomes the most suitable for women to invest, not only as a rare non-renewable resource has a high value of preservation, but it is also beautiful wearing it, and some jewelry may become your heirloom!

We all expect our couples jewelry to become more and more valuable, and we can quickly discount it into cash when we need it. A friend who worked in a pawnshop once was asked: “What is the most jewel in your daily routine?” The friend replied: “There are three main items, gold, diamonds, and jade.”

In this year, prices have risen rapidly, and inflation has been severe. The money is indirectly depreciated in the bank, or it is good to buy gold. At least its value-preserving function is undoubted. Then someone has to ask, what gold is the best value to buy? The answer is: gold bars are on the list.

what is a pawn shop

The physical gold is divided into three types: investment gold bars, New Year gold bars, and gold jewelry. If investment, investment gold bars are preferred, because investment gold bars are closer to gold prices, prices also change with the price of gold, and it is convenient to buyback. As a special concept, the Lunar New Year gold bar is generally regarded as a craft gold or a gift gold, giving a special meaning. It has both investment and collection value. It has historical value and traditional culture, and its circulation is very small. Every year, the issue is robbed by investors.

Among all jewelry and jade, diamonds are the most recognized in the international jewelry industry, the price increase is relatively stable, and the discount rate is high. With the evolution of the trend of the times, the exchange of diamond rings at the time of marriage has become a customary ritual. Therefore, the diamond ring has become one of the most jewels sold every day in the pawnshop. Probably divorced, leaving the diamond custom name rings too unsightly, it is better to change it into cash, and it is convenient to spend. The price of diamonds watershed is 1 carat. Therefore, diamonds used for investment purposes usually have to choose more than 1 carat to maintain and increase the value.

In addition to fancy diamonds, due to the rarity of fancy diamonds, there is no price difference of 1 carat in fancy diamonds, and the investment function of a fancy diamond is more prominent. Usually, the bigger the fancy diamonds, the better the color, the higher the price. Need to pay attention: don’t blindly pursue big brand diamonds.

what is a pawn shop

Buying a big brand of diamonds has a brand premium (additional value of the brand), which greatly increases the investment cost, so it is more important to choose the purchase channel than the brand. Don’t blindly pursue South African diamonds. Although South Africa produces high-quality diamonds, the quality of the diamonds (carat, color, clarity, cut) is the basis for determining the value of the diamond.

Emerald Since the emerald went to the world and participated in the world’s precious my name jewelry trade, prices have risen steadily. Of all the precious jewels and jade, only the high-end jade has not been affected by the world economic depression. Since the mid-1980s, the price of high-end jade has skyrocketed by a thousand times.

Over the years, Jade’s investment collection has always shown a steady upward trend, which is the consensus of most investment collectors. What kind of jade has investment value?

what is a pawn shop

1. The jade must true. Natural jade, except for carving and polishing, no other artificial additives.

2. The color should be green. In the jade, the most precious of the ” Emerald ” Therefore, the color is appropriate, pure, and uniform, it is worth investing.

3. The texture should be fine. The higher the transparency, the smaller the structural particles, the less the impurities, and the higher the value.

4. The cut is exquisite. It has a moderate proportion, a smooth shape, and a novel style. Such jadeite is not only high in investment value but even if it is just for viewing, it is also pleasing to the eye.