Teenage Trends
Teenage Trends

Teenagers sometimes do stuff due to peer pressure. This is why there are several trends prevalent among teenagers these days. While some of these trends are dangerous, there are also some that are actually beneficial, and there are some that are both beneficial and dangerous if done excessively.

1. The Tide Pod Challenge

The infamous Tide Pod Challenge began as a spoof in 2017 and soon went viral as teenagers took it to their liking by posting numerous videos and memes of themselves with laundry detergent pods. Teenagers are trying to pretend to gorge on by stuffing those detergent pods into their mouths and swallowing them up. Tide Pods have long been a cause of concern for several groups concerned with consumer protection since their release in 2012. There are several recorded cases of swallowing mostly involving teenagers confusing the colorful plastic-covered packets with something edible.

2. Vaping

Smoking among teenagers has seen a rapid decline over the years thanks to vaping and e-cigarettes. E-cigs come in different types, shapes, sizes, and brands, and have been a popular alternative to regular cigarettes. People switch to electronic cigarettes mostly for health reasons. With vaping, you can still get your dose of nicotine without the dangers of smoking. You also get to try different vape juices according to your preferences. Unlike traditional smoking, which leaves behind a potent smile, vaping leaves little to no smell at all because its vapors dissipate into the air quickly.

3. Car Surfing

Car surfing has become extremely popular among teenagers within a short span of time. Basically, you need to stand on the roof of a car which is driven at around 40 mph. However, this is very risky as one could fall to the ground and could eventually get hurt.

4. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a mobile game particularly popular among the younger generation. Although the game appeals to all ages, most of the players are teenagers. Playing Mobile Legends, when done moderately, helps improve the moods of usually unpredictable teenagers. It’s also a good training ground for the brain as players as it helps to increase memory capacity. However, just like everything else, too much Mobile Legends is not good.

5. Snapchat

It’s safe to say that almost all teenagers havea snapchat account. Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app that allows users to quickly share photos and videos with friends. Teenagers love this app because it is very easy to use and allows them greater control. Since the user gets to control who receives the message and the messages don’t last that long, this gives them a greater sense of control over their sharing. Another thing that teenagers like about snapchat is that there is less social pressure when using this app since there is no “like” button and Snaps disappear after a short period of time.

There are several more teenage trends and more are sure to rise with time. Again, some of these can be dangerous while some are pretty much okay. The important thing is for parents to know which trends appeal to their teenagers and to provide proper guidance at all times.