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Sex toys aren’t items you buy often.

You buy them once every few months. And you’re paying a lot for good toys, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

So you’ve got to pick your toys carefully. And today, we’ll help you with that…

We’ve got 4remote control vibrating love eggs you can try. We’ll list them (from worst to best).

Check out each one, and pick what suits you best!

#1 – UTIMI Vibrating Egg

This vibrating egg isn’t too expensive, only costing about $16.

This toy does offer some convenient options, like 10 vibration modes and easy remote control. But that’s all you get.

The remote and toy are rechargeable. And the connection between remote and the vibrator requires a cord (which isn’t too practical).

Also, it’s a little small and difficult to control.

That is, you’ve to be careful if you don’t want this vibrating egg to get stuck inside you.

And while it is soft (and comes with easy to lubricate coating), it’s hard to grip. Plus, it’s hard to pull out.

So for a better control option, we recommend…

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#2 – ODECO Vibrating Egg

It’s slightly more expensive, costing around $40. But it’s one of the best remote control love eggs on the market.

The ODECO model is fully covered in silicone, which is a standard in many sex toys.

But what is interesting are its safety mechanisms. It supplies a“silicone pull string” at the end of the toy.

You can put the entire toy inside of you. And once you’re done, you can simply tuck on the toy to pull it out!

The string is longer than the toy’s width. So you’ll have plenty of grips to pull the toy after use!

OK – What about Options?

The toy does come with 7 frequencies – which is 3 less than the previous.

Also, this is a toy with a learning curve. The remote isn’t simple. And the toy’s buttons are placed in some impractical spots.

But no worries. For a simple vibrating love egg, we recommend…

#3 – Sexy Slave Bullet Vibrator

This toy solves some of the previous models’ problems – while adding some cool features of its own!


We mentioned complex remotes as a problem. Fortunately, this vibrating love egg deals with the issue, providing a simple “2 button” remote!

Through it, you can toggle through the 12 vibration frequencies this toy offers!

That’s 2 more than the first option, and 5 more than the second!

AAA Batteries

It’s a disadvantage, but that’s to be expected from an $11 toy. It means that the toy doesn’t last as long, nor does it deliver the desired intensity.

But on the plus side – you don’t have to wait for a recharge. You can just pop in a new set of batteries before use!


This toy is made from ABS plastic. It’s less soft than silicone, but it packs a stronger vibration.

Unfortunately, this plastic can be a little tough for some users. And this applies specifically to first-time users of love eggs.

So What Do I Do?

No worries. We still have one more option. And it solves all of the previous models’ disadvantages!

#4 – SVAKOM Elva

At the peak of sex toy design, you get SVAKOM remote control love eggs

This toy has the best safety mechanisms, in terms of a light pull string and thick padding of body safe silicone.

Not to mention, it’s rechargeable, and with an easy to use remote.

And did we mention that the toy has 26 vibration options? That’s almost 3 times as many options as some models on our list!

The SVAKOM Elva takes the best of what any sex toy has to offer, and provides that to you. So we highly recommend getting this toy now!