Are you a business owner or a freelancer looking to land big clients and grow your company? If so, you need a professional business proposal that’ll swipe potential clients off their feet.

Proposals are often the most important step in closing a deal and can make or break a potential collaboration. This is why you need to do your research, personalize and customize the proposal for each client, and convince them you’re the right person/company for the job.

Read on to learn 5 ways to create a creative proposal that’ll land you clients and boost sales.

1. Do Your Research

Before you create a business proposal, you need to know what to include in it. The content must be customized for each client, which means you have to do prior research.

Don’t use the same executive summary and text in every proposal, even if you change the client details. Clients will notice if you haven’t done your homework and are just after their money.

2. Customize the Design

Though you don’t have to use different designs for different clients, you can still do some tweaks to personalize the proposal. For example, use a different color scheme, add or remove some clauses, use a different font, and adapt the tone to your client’s industry.

Hire a UX agency or consult a graphic designer to make sure the proposed design is professional. Business proposals are considered official documents, and as such, they should be easy to read.

3. Use a Proven Template

Once you create your first proposal, you can then use it as a basis for future projects. You don’t have to create new designs from scratch for each new client. Instead, once you have the proposal that works best, turn it into a template.

You can get a starting proposal template for free online and just fill in the blanks. You can also add images, change fonts, and customize elements for each client.

4. Keep It Simple

The first thing your potential clients see is the proposal cover design. It needs to hook them in and make them read on and feel like the proposal was made for them personally.

Though proposals are packed with information, the design and layout of the document should be simple and easy on the eyes. The text and font should also be legible with plenty of white space.

5. Include Detailed Information

The main purpose of a proposal is to convince potential clients that you’re the right fit for the project. The information you include should be focused on how your services can help the client grow their business.

The more details you include in the proposal, the better your chances for closing the sale. Clients want to see dedicated people who pay attention to detail and understand their needs.

Land More Clients and Boost Sales with These Creative Proposal Tips!

Whether you’re a freelancer or a company looking to impress potential clients, these creative proposal tips will help you close more deals and grow your customer base.

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