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The foundation is on which the entire structure of the house stands. If the foundation becomes weak, the whole house becomes unstable and may even collapse. The foundation needs to be repaired and renovated from time to time as it can degrade and lose its strength, causing problems such as sticking doors, cracks in the walls, and moisture problems.

If such problems are left unattended, you will need a new foundation. There are many different types of foundation problems which is why their cost also varies accordingly. The cost of foundation repair ranges $5500-$11000. However, if the foundation issues are ignored, the situation may worsen, and it will cost even more to get a new foundation. This is why it is highly recommended to repair your foundation as soon as a problem arises and not delay repair work.

Cost of repairing a foundation

The average cost of repairing a foundation is $8000 but can cost $4500-$11000. Depending on the type of problem, repair method, and type of foundation, the maximum cost is as high as $25000 and as low as $1000.

Cost of foundation repair according to project range

If your concrete foundation requires fixing minor vertical cracks, then it will cost you only $1000. However, if mud jacking has to be done in order to level the foundation and fix multiple cracks, then you can expect the total expenses to reach $8000. The average cost of foundation repair can reach $25000 if it requires adding a drain, installing 12 or more piers, and fixing cracks.

Cost of foundation repair according to the problem

Foundations may face different types of issues such as cracks, leaks, sinking, and erosion. The repair method varies according to the situation, which is why the cost also varies.

1. Foundation crack repair

Foundation cracks are very common, and some can be easily fixed, while others require greater attention and work.

Vertical foundation cracks

Vertical cracks are the easiest to repair but should not be ignored as they can spread and cause further damage. They are the cheapest to fix with the cost ranging $500-$2000. The vertical cracks are filled up with epoxy-based or polyurethane-based fillers and then sealed off.

Horizontal foundation cracks

Horizontal cracks are more difficult to fix. They can cost up to $4000 depending on how many walls have to be reinforced.

2. Foundation erosion repair

If the soil around your foundation is eroding away, then you should first fix the cause of the problem before getting the foundation fixed. Addressing the source of the erosion issue involved installing gutters and downspouts in order to direct the way away from the foundation of your house.

You might also have to install French drains if the problem is very bad. Also, you might also have to reinforce your walls if they are of the earth wall variety. All of this will cost you $1000 to $11000, depending on the solution adopted.

3. Foundation leaks

If you see leaks in your foundation, you should immediately divert your attention towards figuring out the source of the problem and then addressing it. Repairing foundation leaks can cost you $2000 to $11000.

4. Sinking foundation

If the foundation of your house is sinking, you will have to employ either of the two methods. You will either have to get piers installed, or you will have to get your foundation mud jacked. Mud jacking is a technique in which concrete is poured under your foundation in an attempt to push it upwards back to its original position.

The cost of mud jacking a small portion is around $1000, and that of installing piers is $15000. Both these methods require the work of experts. If you think your foundation is sinking, contact experts at to repair your foundation at the best rates in town.

5. Shifting foundation

A small amount of shifting is normal and isn’t a problem. However, if your foundation starts shifting a lot, then this can be alarming and should be given immediate attention. You will need to get the area mud jacked, walls reinforced, and piers installed. This can cost $1000-$16000.

6. Bowing walls

Bowing walls are a major concern and a highlighter of many underlying problems such as shifting soil, water damage, and sinking. Bowing walls are corrected by installing piers and reinforcing them. This can cost $1000-$16000, depending on how many walls are bowing.

7. Crumbling foundation

Water damage, the sinking foundation can cause the foundation to crumble. In order to fix crumbling issues, you must fix them with epoxy and polyurethane fillers. In most situations, the walls will have to be reinforced, gutters installed, and piers installed. All of this can cost up to $15,000.

Cost of foundation repair according to the method

There are several methods that can be used to repair your foundation, including waterproofing, leveling, underpinning, and stabilization.

1) Reinforcing

You might need to reinforce your foundation if you see the walls bowing or the windows and doors sticking. Reinforcement is accompanied by wall repair and window straightening, off of which will cost you around $1000-$6000 per section.

2) Waterproofing

In order to protect your foundation and home from water damage and seepage of moisture, you must provide your foundation waterproof. Waterproofing can cost $5000-$11000 for full coverage or as low as $2000 for simply sealing the foundation.

3) Leveling

If the foundation is sinking, it needs to be mud jacked. In this method, you simply inject concrete beneath the foundation in order to push it back to the top. Mud jacking foundations can cost up to $10000.

4) Underpinning

If your foundation is sinking and settling, then you should go for underpinning. The underpinning method uses piers that help hold up the foundation. There are many types of piers available, and your house may require up to 12 or more, which impacts the cost. The cost of underpinning your foundation lies between $1000 to $16000, depending on the type and number of piers used.

5) Stabilizing

Stabilizing includes underpinning, mud jacking, and reinforcing walls depending on the cause of the problem. The costs range between $5000 and $11000.

In a nutshell

The cost of repairing your foundation depends upon multiple factors, such as the issue, the cause of the problem, and the method used. But on average, you should have around $10000 if you plan to repair your foundation.