Can you guess how many cars are on the road? 10 Million? 20?

Try 253 million.

That’s a lot of cars, and a lot of cars means a lot of possibilities that you could find yourself in an accident.

While accidents happen to everyone, even when they’re being careful, most occur due to negligence. That negligence usually boils down to some form of distracted driving.

Distracted driving is a wide umbrella that casts a shadow over many different activities. To better understand what those activities are and to understand how to prevent distracted driving, our team has put together a list of safety tips below.

Put your Phone in Vehicle Mode

If you get into an accident, hurt somebody and it’s proven that you were on your phone, a car wreck lawyer is going to have a field day with you. The simplest way to not be tempted to answer your phone while you’re driving is to remove the temptation altogether.

In order to do that without needing to outright shut your phone down, place your phone in vehicle mode which is a feature offered on most modern phones today.

Vehicle mode will automatically respond to texts on your behalf without alerting you to them.

Have a Driving Playlist Set

Another great how to prevent distracted driving technique is to eliminate the need to fiddle with your music while on the road. To make sure that every song that pops up on the radio is one that you like so you’re not moved to cycle through your options, create a driving playlist with all of your favorite tunes.

Once set, put your playlist on shuffle and enjoy the ride.

Try to update your driving playlist every month, so you don’t end up getting bored with the songs that you hear.

Take Care of Business Before Starting Your Engine

We have a million things running through our minds these days…

“What’s for dinner?” “What did mom want me to do for her today?” “When does soccer practice end?”

When you’re driving, all of those swirling questions are going to push you towards wanting to get on the phone to find answers.

That’s why we recommend taking a quick moment before starting your car to think about questions you have. When you do, quickly resolve anything that’s going to eat away at you during your commute.

Invest in Hands-Free Calling

If you absolutely need to make phone calls while driving, there are safer ways to do it than by just picking up your phone and holding it to your ear. The best way to take calls while on the road is to invest in hands-free calling.

Hands-free calling can be accomplished in a few ways.

You can have a hands-free calling feature built-in to your vehicle. You can Bluetooth pair your phone with your car’s radio. You can purchase a Bluetooth headset.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that you’re comfortable enough with it before hitting the road, so you’re not trying to fiddle with things while driving.

Limit the Level of Activity Inside of Your Car

A lot of people don’t cite this suggestion on how to prevent distracted driving lists, and that’s a shame because it’s a big one.

Just because you’re not on your phone doesn’t mean that you’re not susceptible to distraction. Talking, laughing, and playing games with your passengers can also be a recipe for a deadly disaster.

As the driver, have your passengers keep activities down to a dull roar. Also, abstain from partaking in games like I Spy or similar activities.

Your focus should be solely on the road.

Don’t Drive While Drowsy

So many people find themselves exhausted after school or work and then decide to get behind the wheel of their car to drive home.

Do not do this. Many people have found themselves falling asleep at the wheel and on the wrong side of the road.

If you’re tired, pull over. Find a fast food parking lot, grab some food, and have a nap in your car. If an officer questions you sleeping in your car, explain the situation and ask for a suggestion.

Eat While Parked

Eating while driving can be every bit as dangerous as texting while driving.

We get that getting hungry while traversing long distances is a real struggle. If you find your stomach screaming at you while behind the wheel, pull over and eat.

No amount of rushing to get somewhere on time is worth your life, so eating while behind the wheel is never necessary.

Never, Ever Drive Under The Influence

This goes without saying…

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t do drugs and drive.

If you do, you’re going to kill yourself or someone else. You’ll also find yourself spending a fair amount of time behind bars.

Wrapping Up How to Prevent Distracted Driving

There are many different things that you can do to answer the “how to prevent distracted driving” question. At the end of the day, all of our suggestions come down to one simple thing…

When you get behind the wheel of a car, your focus should be 100% on the road in front of you. If your focus is on anything else, you’re doing the wrong thing.

Keep that in mind the next time you stick your keys into your car’s ignition.

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