As the name suggests, a browser-based game is a computer game played via a web browser instead of a gaming device like a console or a dedicated software application that you natively install on your device.

Thus, you can instantly play browser games without performing any prior installation of software on your device. Such d games can be simple puzzles or online mobile slots, while some are pretty intricate with massively interactive environments and multiplayer capabilities. Essentially, you should think about a browser-based game as the platform through which a game can be played rather than a genre or design of gaming itself.

If you’ve ever had any questions about these types of games, read on to understand exactly what the browser-based games are all about.

How to Play Browser Games

Usually, to play a browser-based game, you’ll need a computer or mobile device with a fast and reliable internet connection. Of course, there are minimum requirements that the software and hardware of your device have to meet, but such games are usually not as demanding as is the case for application-based ones.

Again, given that the game will be running on a web browser, you won’t have to download any software or app to be able to play, except for the browser. Thus, as long as you have the latest HTML5 browser installed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and you are connected to the internet, you’ll be good to go. You won’t require any special gaming device like a console or dedicated controller as you will be playing the game in the same web browser that displays the gaming websites.

Different Types of Browser Games

Browser-based games come in a range of varieties. A simple browser game may involve a single gamer where you don’t even have to create an account to start playing. The game could be a quick fix where you can just enjoy yourself for a minute or two and get on with your day to day activities. Other browser-based games are more complex, and they may involve signing up for accounts and hooking up with fellow gamers online at a particular time, and going on missions.

The kind of game more or less relies on the type of activities that can be done over the internet. As technology advances, browser-based games have also evolved from simple two-dimensional titles to 3D games with lifelike environments that bring more immersion. Currently, the main types of browser-based games that you can enjoy today are as follows:

  • Games of Chance: These are the new generation of online casino gaming, and you can play both for free and to win real money.
  • RPGs: Role-playing games where you are supposed to develop your character, gain powerups as you play to fight enemies such as monsters or fellow players online.
  • Turn-Based Strategy: Under this, you’ll find board games and puzzles such as sudoku, tic tac toe (also referred to as Xs and Os or noughts and crosses), word games, draught, and chess

Benefits of Browser-Based Games

The primary benefits you get to enjoy with this kind of gaming is that you can play right from your web browser. As we’ve already discussed, you can play them without having to download any software or application. All you’ll have to do is install a fast and reliable web browser, and that’s it.

You can play an instant game from wherever you want and at any given time. It could be at school, at the office, or a café. The choice is yours. And what makes these games great is that you can play both via mobile or desktop provided that you’re connected to the internet.

The other benefit of playing browser-based games is their price. The majority of them are free to play. For this reason, you can explore a wide range of such games and opt for the titles that you feel suit your tastes perfectly.

The popularity of browser-based games is also increasing because of the social factor involved in most of them. The fact that you can play with your friends as long as they also have a simple smartphone makes them a remarkable option for relaxing, having fun, and even catching up as you play.

If you have never played via your browser, you should give it a go and see how simple it is to get started. You won’t have to worry about installing an application or feature updates, it’s as simple as firing up your browser and clicking the play button!