Can You Unblock Netflix With a Free VPN?


The Corona Pandemic has compelled us to stay safe at home and practice social distancing. Some nations are in total lockdown is a bid to save people and contain the COVID-19 virus. Internet activities and online streaming of OTT sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Curiosity Stream, and others have increased. However, users are making a mistake when it comes to protection from the dark web and ISPs. They are not using VPNs, and this means all their online activities are public and at risk.

The truth about VPNs that you should know before using Netflix

Note that VPNs generally have high operating costs irrespective of whether they are free or not. This is why free VPN services will detect ways to get income without billing you upfront. Most of them have intrusive ads that can be eradicated after you pay a fee every month. Others make the money they need by keeping tracking cookies on the device you use, permitting the provider of the VPN to track all your activities online to create consumer profiles that later are sold to other advertisers without you even knowing it. Therefore, if you are fond of free VPNs, stay away from them as they are not trustworthy in any way.

Experts in cybersecurity recommend you should always use a good VPN from a reputed provider with a policy that focuses on its customers first.

Troubleshooting tips for Netflix VPNs

In case you have already connected to one of the servers of the VPN and have attempted to access the version of another country, you might receive an error message saying that you are using a proxy or unblocker. You will receive a prompt command asking you to turn it off and retry. There are some reasons why the above takes place so you can begin with-

  1. Cleaning the cache and the cookies on your browser. There might be some geo-blocked sites that have stored a cookie on the device you use in case you try to access them without using a VPN. This cookie will inform the site to refuse you from entering. So, clear it and make another attempt; in most cases, you will fix the problem.
  2. Close the browser and reconnect it again to the VPN. You can try using the IP address that has been blacklisted by Netflix and reconnects again. In this case, you get the chance to secure one that is different in the second attempt. Try this Netflix VPN and get access to all your favorite entertainment movies and TV shows on it. Free VPNs generally do not use any sort of encryption to protect you, and you will be exposed to malware, leaked information over a DNS, and slowdowns that are often permanent in nature. If you do need to resort to them, research extensively to get one that protects you from the dark web.

In case both the above cases do not work, you should ask your provider of the VPN to give you the name of the server that will work. There is generally one that works in high-traffic regions available for you to use.