Here is the tenth installment of 10 games reviewed.

Dolphin Feed

Grades 2 - 4

Dolphin Feed is a misguiding name; it should be called a coin counter. This is a coin recognition counting game, where the player is shown a lot of coins on the screen. The computer asks the player to add up coins that make a certain amount, such as 24 cents or 1.08 dollars. The core concept is great, teaching the youngsters to count, to recognize coins and to add up coins. However, the graphics are as usual underperforming. This game should use real coin photos so that the player can easily recognize the coin in real life and not as a drawn up icon.

Grade: 2 to 4

Conclusions: A great game concept, poorly developed and poor GUI and definitely nothing to do with dolphins.

Donut Drop

Grades K - 3

Donut Drop is a game that helps youngsters learn the basics of eye-hand coordination and the use of a mouse. In this game, the player gets a unicorn avatar and moves the unicorn left and right to catch donuts that fall from the top.

Grade: K to 3

Conclusions: A game, seems daft, but some kids like it since it hones their accuracy skills.

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel

Grades K & Up

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel is a corrupted version of a happy Hanukkah game played by Jewish families all over the world. In this crime family version, instead of taking the holy letters that stand for “A great miracle happened here” referring to the miracle of Hanukkah when the Maccabee’s defeated the Syrian Antioch’s. This version has turned it into a Las Vegas gambling game in its worst form. Since there are only 4 sides, there is a one in four chance of winning or losing the game. Gelt, which is the coin of choice here is a Yiddish term standing for Gold.

This game should be banned from the site, its corrupting and it doesn’t even give an explanation of the letters and the meaning behind the dreidel. Basically, an online gambling app that is designed to make children become online gamblers.

Grade: K to 5

Conclusions: Disgusting, should be removed immediately.

Dress for the Weather

Grades Pre-K - 1

Dress for the Weather is a fantastic little game for youngsters. This game teaches the player how to pick the correct clothes for specific weather conditions, and there are many items to choose from so any combination can happen. The player doesn’t need to go for a full smile and can play around dressing up their pet any way they want.

The player gets to choose one out of four dog avatars, and then the dog appears on the screen standing up. The player picks clothing items and accessories from the left screen menu, dragging them onto the dog at the appropriate location, such as pants on legs, hats on heads, etc.

Grade: Pre K to 1

Conclusions: This a great game, lots of fun, and helps train eye-hand coordination as well as dressing for the occasion.

Drop Sum

Grades 1 & Up

Drop Sum is a Tetris style game that teaches the player how to add simple numbers with blocks. In this game, blocks drop from the top, and each column has a different value. The target is to add up the numbers to the value in the screen, such as 10. Once the target is reached the blocks disappear. The game, like Tetris, is to maintain minimum block son the screen. Their pitfalls such as the purple block compacts that seals a column, which cannot be erased, only built upon or ignored. There is also a gold button that falls with a number in it; this is a block value number, once the button hits the lower target, it transforms into a column of blocks equal to the number it showed.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: A great game, starts off very slowly, but is a great game and gets harder as the levels increase.

Duck Life

Grades 3 & Up

Duck Life is a fantastic interactive game between an avatar in the shape of a baby duck that looks like a chicken (the beak you guys, the beak!!!) In this game the player has to build up money by being the fastest runner, the fastest flyer and the fastest swimmer. To do so, the duck has to train and eat. The more training the duck goes through, the more experience it gets with power and speed. Also, the player gains more eye-hand coordination control over the game. After training the duck can enter races, but the races are only unlocked when the duck reaches certain accumulated levels.

This game is a game; it’s not an educational app. However, it provides hours of addictive fun and the player gets to train and race, train and compete, train some more and win. The core concept is, the harder to practice and train the more likely you will win all your competitions.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: Fantastic game, one of a series of five, and rightly so. Just to add, since this is one of five, it means that the feedback was huge and that this game has a big following.

Duck Life 2

Grades 3 & Up

Duck Life 2 is a continuation of Duck Life, and the scenery and action are similar. The added difference is in additional graphic elements and a new performance game called climbing. The game operates the same way as the first version, and this is still has a great GUI and is addictive.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: A good continuation to a great game.

Duck Life 3

Grades 3 & Up

Duck Life 3 is another variant of the Duck Life series and comes with identical games and graphics. The only noticeable difference is in the actual duck you get to choose, which can be a power duck, athletic, flyer or swimmer, where each type of duck performs better in certain races. Apart from this, the game graphics are slightly different for certain objects, such as balls and such. Overall character response is slightly better.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: Unnecessary upgrade, not a proper upgrade, the difference between 2 and 3 is negligible.

Duck Life 4

Grades 3 & Up

Duck Life 4 is an upgrade to the popular Duck Life series, in this variant the graphics have gone through a major change, but not in a good way. The first three versions were simple, and the player got to train and race and improve over time. Here, the same rules apply, but the way to navigate between screens is convoluted. The game itself has not changed, so all you get is the same old same old. The training might get a revamped upgraded graphics look and feel, but essentially, the concept has not changed. In this model, the training is more intense and exciting than in the previous three.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: Another Duck Life version with harder screen navigation that hides the fact that the game is identical in all 4 versions.

Duck Life 5

Grades 3 & Up

Duck Life 5 is a complete overhaul and change in game and pace of this series. The Duck Life Treasure Hunt version comes with exceptional graphics upgrades, a totally new concept game with exciting challenges. While the previous four versions were all shadows of each other, this is a whole new color, and it brings life back into this series. In this version, you don’t get to race against other ducks; you get to collect treasures, beware of obstacles and weave your way through an exciting treasure tunnel. Your duck collects coins which you can use to purchase aids and other accessories that give you an advantage. There is a lot to discover here, and I will not spoil the fun. Try this out; it’s addictive and fun.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: A great upgrade, one that breathes life back into a rather stale series. The first one was great, the second was unnecessary, the third was OK, and the fourth was a total miss. Now we have the fifth, and it beats them all.