With the digital revolution, live sports broadcasting has shifted from television to virtual modes. Nearly every sports organization and franchise has launched its website to feature live streaming of sports matches in real-time. But, these websites charge a specific amount for the subscription. Now, you must be wondering what are the factors that actually make those sites to charge a fee, while most of the online content is available to stream for free.

This blog is all about the discussion over the factors that determine and add to the cost of live broadcasting fees!

Free Streaming Platforms V/S Paid Streaming Platforms

Most of the free streaming platforms bombard your screen with a lot of ads that cause distraction. Such forums also monetize the entire content for their profit by featuring ads of competitors side by side. Also, their websites get blocked most often due to piracy and other reasons.

The paid streaming platforms have an edge over free streaming platforms. Such platforms do not only feature live streams but also feature on-demand video content for their viewers. Besides, these are registered and licensed from monitoring authorities and thus are quite safe to browse through.

Use of Equipment and Technology

The process of live broadcasting is not as simple as it seems. Rather, it involves the utilization of specialized equipment and advanced technology, which no doubt is a hefty expense. The broadcasting companies invest in high-quality expensive equipment to provide their users with a quality watching experience.

The broadcasting involves the projection and plantation of different types of cameras i.e. Drones, mini cameras, HD cameras, invisible cameras, etc. at different angles. Furthermore, for clarity of voice, sensitive and delicate mikes are projected. Lapel microphones, directional shotgun microphones, or omnidirectional mics are used to deliver high-quality audio.

Furthermore, specialized computer systems and software encodes are also used to feature live streams.

Piracy Protection

The authentic sports broadcasting websites are licensed by the concerted authorities and thus have to pay for it. These cannot feature any pirated content, instead, these have to pay for the legal proceeding and registration, etc. for every content that’s being featured on their websites.

Secured Navigation

The virtual world is very insecure, especially when it comes to personal and financial information. Nearly every site asks for personal information prior to letting you browse through. But, when you are subscribing to authentic and registered broadcasting services, this is not a problem as the servers of these sites are equipped with an advanced and specialized security network that secures the customer’s data and ensure full encryption.

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Additional Services

Apart from live streaming, the broadcasting sites also feature different sports programs like talk shows, critical analysis, KBO 분석, etc. and also provide additional services. It lets you download the content for a specific time period, you can save the live streams and other content in your “Watch later” playlist as well. Besides, the sites also feature a recorded version of different sports matches, that too, soon after the live match has happened; in case you have missed the live match you don’t have to wait for long to watch it.

Subscription Structures

Almost all of the paid broadcasting websites make use of any one of the two or both modes of subscription structures i.e. Standard Subscription or Pay-as-you-go model.

Standard Subscription

Mostly, the virtual sports broadcasting services charge via a recurring subscription model. This mode charges a flat rate on a monthly or annual basis for the streaming services.

Different forums charge a different fee and the fee also depends on the package one subscribes for. Some sites offer a discount for an annual subscription.

The subscription plan includes a specific allotment of bandwidth and storage; the fee increases if you want more of these than the standard determined service. Additional charges for additional requirements, however, with the increase in volume, there’s a decrease in cost for every GB.


This is the least-used subscription model and is not a good deal for sports enthusiasts who live stream on regular basis. However, it is a great deal for people who occasionally watch live streams. If you just watch the mega sports events once or twice a year, then you don’t need to pay subscription charges on a monthly or annual basis. Moreover, you can buy bulk streaming data at once.

Subscription Fee varies with the Package Availed

The subscription fee increases with every upgrade or increase in the standard package. There are different packages other than the standard package; each package offers additional volume and services. The more the volume and services, the more the charges.

Now you know that live broadcasting websites don’t charge you for anything. You can now subscribe to your favorite platforms with a lot more trust and confidence.