Storing your beauty essentials beautifully requires some organizational skills. People who have this ability can organize things effortlessly. They know how to keep large bottles of lotion and arrange nail polishes neatly, for example.

However, those who lack the skills may struggle in keeping their things neatly. If you think you have the same issue, then do not worry. We have amazing storage ideas you can try! These ideas do not only promote orderliness but also let you save space. You can use the old stuff you have at home, which is extremely practical.

To make organizing things a lot easier, here are our tips:

1. Organize Bathroom Essentials Using a Rolling Cart


What is interesting about a rolling cart is you can easily move it anywhere. So, when you are organizing your bathroom products, it makes moving a lot easier.

If your cart has three layers, place dry towels at the bottom. You use them less often than the things you will place on the first and second layers. For your bar soaps and body scrubber, you can place them on the second layer. The top layer should be for the different types of bottles, so you can easily grab them.

2. Keep the Beauty Products You Frequently Use in a Desk Organizer

Got an old desk organizer at home? Re-use it for storing your beauty products! Clean the desk organizer thoroughly and repaint it if possible to make it look more presentable.

Arrange your things properly in the desk organizer. Place it on a spot that you have easy access to. The most common place would be on your bathroom countertop.

3. Use Soy Sauce Dishes to Store Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can become an eyesore if left scattered anywhere. They are also difficult to pick if you do not have the right container for them. The good news is you do not have to buy a container because you can use your soy sauce dish.

The dish is just the perfect size for the bobby pins. Aside from that, they make it easy for you to grab the pins because their inside is deep.

4. Arrange Bottled Products in a File Holder

Your file holder has other uses beyond the office. It can hold bottles of beauty products properly. Bulky and tall bottles are perfect for this.

The file holder is portable as well, so you can easily take it anywhere in your home. You can paint or design the holder to make it more beautiful.

5. Keep Skin Creams in Your Fridge


You can safely store moisturizers, lotions, serums, and eye creams in your fridge. The coldness can provide a cooling effect on your skin when you apply these beauty products. Chilled eye creams, for example, can help reduce puffiness under your eyes.

Also, keeping them chilled is helpful during the summer. The heat can significantly affect the products’ chemical effects. It can separate water and oil, which are common ingredients in them. As a result, it reduces the products’ effectiveness. Arrange the products in the plastic fridge tray.

6. Utilize Stackable Drawers to Keep Your Products

Stackable drawers are helpful for those who do not want to keep beauty products in sink cabinets. They can hold your stuff neatly if you want to place them in your bedroom cabinet. They are easy to assemble and affordable as well. Buy two or more of these drawers depending on the number of your products.

7. Store Q-Tips and Cotton Balls in Glass Jars

Glass jars are popular for keeping food and non-edible materials. One good example you can try is to store Q-tips and cotton balls in them. If you do not have any at home, you can simply purchase them.

Try these transparent and clear jars as they are made with high-quality materials! You can even choose the shape and design of your liking. These jars are perfect for shelf decor as well.

8. Keep Eyeshadow Palettes in a Lid Rack


Lid racks are great for holding eyeshadow palettes. If you have an old lid rack at home, use it for this purpose. It keeps the palettes out of your way. It can even be a good display in your home.

9. Place Hair Straighter and Dryer in an Over-the-Door Basket Organizer

Tangled cords are another problem you want to fix. Hair straighteners and dryers are the culprits for this. Therefore, it might be best to keep them in an over-the-door basket organizer.

This way, your hair tools will not get in the way. You can also easily grab them when you need them.

10. Use a Shoe Organizer for Your Products

A shoe organizer is extremely helpful in keeping your beauty products organized. Its multiple pockets give you the benefit of grouping your items based on uses.

It also helps save space in your area. You can hang the shoe organizer at the back of your bedroom or bathroom door. It would be best to get the transparent one, so you can easily see the products.

11. Put Hair Ties and Headbands in Drawstring Bags

You should not forget about keeping your hair ties and headbands. You can store them in small drawstring bags, so you will not have to leave them anywhere. Buy different colors for the bags, so they look stylish even when kept on your shelf.

12. Re-use Your Old Pencil Box for Your Beauty Products

Why not reminisce memories at school every day? Use your old pencil box to keep your beauty essentials and even toiletries. If you have multiple brushes, the box is a perfect container for them.

13. Organize Nail Polish Using a Spice Rack


Your spice rack does not always have to be in your kitchen. You can use it for other purposes as well like organizing your nail polish.

It might be best to arrange them by colors. This makes it easy for you to locate the color you want for the day. You can hang the rack on your bedroom or bathroom wall.


With the ideas above, organizing your beauty products becomes a lot easier. You only need to be more resourceful to utilize other things in your home to keep these items. You may have other ideas you can try. Whichever idea you follow, you can rest guaranteed that your space becomes cleaner and more organized.