Servcorp Coworking Auckland
Servcorp Coworking Auckland

The coworking climate is heating up, and Aucklanders are soon to find there is a space for all the different types of industries that comprise the city. Within the city itself, there are spaces that cater to general industries, and there are those that cater to specific industries. We are even seeing spaces that cater to specific niches.

However, when looking for corporate digs situated in one of the busiest CBDs, consider Servcorp coworking in Auckland as a place to lease workspace. Located near the harbor, your office has some of the most majestic views near the city. The building is close to shopping and dining, in addition to being in proximity to transit. For your business, it only makes sense to lease space in close proximity to areas that draw foot traffic.

Let’s take a closer look at why it makes business sense to lease coworking space with Servcorp.


Servcorp has been in the serviced office industry for over forty years, and so they have the expertise in understanding modern office needs. Beginning with the executive suite, the company furnished office space for small businesses trying to fund workspace. Today, the fit out has grown to include the virtual office and coworking spaces, which can all come bespoke to your specifications.

Your coworking space, through Servcorp, provides you with an all-inclusive fit out that saves you the hassle of having to orchestrate all of the tools needed to run an office while saving your business money. In many cases, you can be moved into your new space very soon after signing a lease. For business, Servcorp makes leasing space very convenient.


The cost of leasing workspace is so much less expensive than with many other fit-outs. For the monthly rent on the workspace, you only pay a fraction of what it would cost with conventional leasing, and the initial start-up costs are very low, as renters are only required to pay one month’s rent as a deposit and the first month’s rent. Furthermore, because the company is an international one, you have access to meeting and conference rooms in other locations, in addition to being able to use space as-needed.

Finally, in the case that you do have to transition into a larger space, Servcorp has one of the best office plans that will allow businesses to modify their lease without the downtime usually associated with orchestrating a move. The company can simply transition your business into an office, or alternatively, you could take advantage of the benefits of the virtual office. More than any other benefit of going with Servcorp’s coworking space, the cost-effectiveness is one of the central reasons that this plan works for all businesses.

Corporate Fit Out

Servcorp has one of the finest corporate fit-outs in Auckland. The office furnishings are of the highest quality, and the buildings are retrofitted with the latest technologies making it possible for you to give your clients a great first impression. The buildings are staffed with highly-trained, and sometimes bilingual, receptionists, IT support that can attend to all of your business’s needs, and custodial staff that makes sure the building is well-maintained. Servcorp Auckland’s corporate offices are great for businesses who want to work in buildings with other great companies in a place that is centrally located.

Clarity On Coworking

There are numerous coworking spaces in Auckland. In the bunch, you will find an eclectic group of enclaves that all have a different identity. Servcorp Auckland, similarly, has an identity, but at the same time, its experienced staff can give your business the community it wants without skimping out on corporate style.