Audi A Series
Audi A Series

It is not that this Audi is associated with style and all the exterior goodies. There are many more things which can really make a good deal for purchase. You can unfold a new thing every now and then and cannot turn away without appreciating the quality.

It can reach the standard of BMW 3 series or Mercedes Benz. The features present in the base level of A4 are not even found in these rivals. Things do not end here. So let’s check what is there and what is missing in this amazing creation.

The exterior is stylish this is not one of those boring cars which you have to find reasons to appreciate or compromise on one side or another along with normal car engines. Enter the cabin and appreciate where you are. The materials used are of fine quality, everything is in the right place with a calm note everywhere.

Technology side is not short of anything, and many of these come as standard. Last but not least, the engine side is as good as anything else in this machine. If you want to find fault in it yes you can do that. But they will be very minor ones which can be easily ignored.

Refined and dynamic engine range of Audi A4

You get both the petrol and diesel engine range to choose from and even the smallest one is not short of energy. To start the petrol line there is the 1.4-litre turbocharged engine having a 148 bhp. Although there is hard revving needed to extract the best speed when you are in the comfort zone everything becomes smooth.

Moving up and more preferable is the 2.0-litre engine with a 187 bhp and a 249 bhp unit which is an all-wheel drive. Talking about the diesel there is a 2.0-litre engine with a 148 bhp and 187bhp version also. You want more and the 215 bhp V6 diesel engine is there to feed speed even at lower speeds.

Then the 268 bhp version is sure to take your attention when some more speed is what you are after. If you broke down then go ahead and search for Audi A4 reconditioned engines which can suit your need well. With this availability, you can also have service of Audi A4 engines supply and fit at the same place which is handy.

You are sure to love the ride

You get five modes to choose from according to your requirement of how the suspension should behave on a certain occasion. The Comfort Dynamic mode puts comfort first and with it, the suspension deals with small bumps and pots easily giving a good road grip and controlled ride.

The Sports mode suspension can make the drive firm and vulnerable to bumps. But you get more body control and swift ride. The Adaptive Sports ride is firm also, but as the name suggest it can move towards a little-softened side and make the ride smoother.

But with Comfort Dynamic present the need won’t arise to get this one. The last one is the S Sports version which is fitted in the higher S4 model. This specification describes the racier side of this sedan.

It is firm, as it should be to facilitate the racer in you. You can soften it up with the Adaptive S Sports option but still, it will give the firmness of a racing car through a little controlled this time.

Handling is a joy for the driver and for passengers as well

The two things associated with Audi A4 handling is its strong grip of the road and predictable secure moves. Executive saloons are like that and this one is not an exception.

Road grip is more found in the all-wheel-drive versions especially in wet conditions while front-wheel driver trims have to struggle for road traction in this case. Steering might not get praise if you are a critical driver and wants to feel what is going on the road. Despite this, it makes the ride more comfortable if seen otherwise.

Audi A5 – Another Super Design at its peak, Audi’s stylish executive coupe rivals the giants like Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Lexus in the UK

Audi loves to put everything in its executive saloons and coupes for the UK market and beat the rivals even when giants are in the competition. Audi A5 new model is a subtle, stylish and luxurious coupe.

The model was introduced with hefty tweaks and modifications in 2018 model year, where it offers refined interior, modified technology gadgets and ultra-efficient Audi A5 engines for sale in the UK. Audi A5 shares its interior with the A4 saloon and you can say it an A4 based coupe besides the wider grille and Tesla-Esque headlights.

What A5 sits on?

It is one of the crucial parts of Audi’s quality led engineering and bodywork for its all executive vehicles introduced in the UK. Audi uses its class-leading MSB platform for its new Audi A5 models. This platform is the same used by a number of VW vehicles as well.

This platform helps the vehicle to remain equally powerful and stronger with a 60kg lower weight than the older models. This platform also has the ability and features to support the Audi’s latest auto-driving system and it has been introduced on the A5 trims.

Audi A5 engines family

Audi loves to introduce almost all of its models with an excellent range of engines, and this is the case of the A5. The A5 coupe family has an excellent range of turbocharged four-cylinder engines. For the performance model Audi S5, there is a V6 turbocharged engine available.

All of these engines are smooth and comfortable power units and love to push the Audi A5 with hefty muscle. The UK market is one of the largest markets for the Audi A5 replacement engines for sale in the UK.

There are exactly two TFSI petrol units and three TDi diesel engines are being offered on the A5 engine family which is not a small family of engines. The power range starts from a least powerful 185bhp and it goes to 282bhp at the most powerful engine in the engines line-up.

Audi has claimed that they have refined all the new engine family and now it is 17 per cent more efficient and powerful as compared to the previous engines family at Audi A5 series.

The range kicks of more than 185bhp from its 2.0-litre diesel engine and it is capable of making 62 miles per hour in just over 7.5 seconds. If you love to add Quattro in the competition, this time drops by 0.2 seconds and fuel economy also suffer to some extent.

On the other hand, there are two more versions of the 2.0litre TDi engine offered where they generate 215hp and 282hp. The most powerful 3.0-litre TDI V6 cranks 285bhp and takes 6.2 seconds to cover the 0 to 62 miles per hour benchmark speed.

Despite the sporty looks, the A5 is a civilized Audi in the market and is more than refined to drive comfortably and exclusively. Reconditioned Audi A5 engines for sale in the UK to get the better driving experience at cheap prices if an engine blows on you.

A free advice for the Audi A5 lovers is that they should use a seven-speed S-Tronic transmission and test it if it suits them and then add it to their options list. Because for the UK roads, the gear ratios on this transmission are badly chosen.

The top gear is extremely tall and responds promptly in the automatic modes. Simply take the things easier and get behind the wheel, Audi will impress you with it’s relaxed and refined cruising experience.

Front-Wheel Drive suits Audi A6 well; The model is a rise in the standard of many portions of this brand

Audi A6 is in its fifth generation, and there have been many improvements for the latest one. One thing that has still not changed is its business class features. You get the most advanced technology side, classy and highly developed interior and an exterior hard to resist praise.

The drive which you get from Audi A6 engines is a composed one that suits the nature of people going to be in. You can have the decently accelerated engine while a more powerful engine is also present to fulfil the need for a quick ride.

Many in this class are after stability and this one can be just the right choice for them. There is a nice calm and enjoyable cabin inside. The boring element is not present yet the proper placement of everything and the quality of materials are given much attention.

Comfort is kept at a higher place in this vehicle and it is apparent from the way it moves, accommodates and remains tranquil all the time. There are Audi A6 engines for sale in the market so changing one is not a problem also.

The mannerly engines

Many of us are in the world where we can afford adventures and want something new in everything. But then there are those who are after stability but newness is still in demand and the present age technology is always preferred.

Audi A6 proves to be good in this area without a doubt. Engines are also compatible and able enough to carry this premium saloon. With many things changed there is also a new engine installed which is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel.

This one has a 201 bhp and 400 N of torque. It is a quite engine and takes 8.1 seconds to reach 62 mph. Then the next one is a V6 diesel engine with 282 bhp taking 5.5 secs to reach 62 mph.

The third one is a petrol 3.0-litre V6 engine with a 335 bhp and it can be imagined well how much power does it generates giving the timing of 5.1 seconds to reach the same distance as others. The diesel engines are quiet and smooth without any annoying characteristic. You can also have reconditioned Audi A6 engines so no worries for the replacement part.

Ride and Handling

The work of suspension is very important for these two areas, and it works well for this make. Once on road, you can travel miles and miles and not get fatigued at all. The suspension provides a high level of relaxation for the cabin and absorbs those sturdy bumps ready to attack your peaceful journey at any time.

It is nice on low revs, cruises well on motorways and never lose control on road. The moves are accurate and with a good grip of the road, the accuracy improves further. The car drives well on the twisty road and proves to be delightful while turning that much.

The steering wheel is devoid of feeling but it does have accurate moves which are another element responsible for the comfort of the driver especially. You can rely on brakes blindly as they work very well also. So there is hardly an area getting big negative points.

Interior layout and technology

The inner environment is hard to compare to any other in the class and even the BMW 5 series with which A6 is compared fall back in this regard. There is a fresh look inside with good air and light ventilation.

The seats have nice leg and headroom so there is no complain of fatigue from the occupiers even after a long journey. So, as it is common in most of the Audi there are two screens for different purposes. There is also a virtual cockpit screen which is also there in most of the productions.

There is a cluster of technology available with these and getting used to will take some time. But it will be a pleasure afterwards so much that getting familiar to any other car becomes difficult afterwards.