Installing Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows
Installing Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

Thinking of upgrading your home this season? You definitely want home features that will help you realize your energy savings goal while also ensuring enhanced home aesthetics.

And, that’s exactly what you get with new home replacement windows designed with quality energy efficient features to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Of course, there are various types of home replacement windows out there with different designs, styles, and color. They are also made of different window materials; that’s the reason for the varying prices. This can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to choosing the ideal window for your home.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before coming up with your final window replacement budget:

  • What’s the motive behind getting the new home replacement windows? Is it mainly style and enhanced curb appeal or you’re after improving your energy savings?
  • In case of worn out windows—what’s the extent of the damage? This will help determine whether you need to repair or have a complete window replacement project. If it’s the drafts, unending condensation issues, or hard-to-open or close windows; then you know replacement would be the better option.
  • Lastly, what’s your budget? It’s normal and completely acceptable to work with what suits your budget, however, this doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality simply because you want something cheap.

A window replacement project is a lifetime investment and a great way to back up your energy savings efforts. So why not give it your best?

In fact, you’ll be surprised by how much you can save on your energy bills when you invest in the energy efficient vinyl windows.

Most homeowners prefer vinyl home replacement windows since they’re highly affordable, durable, and highly energy efficient. They’re also great value additions to your home, though not as good as wood windows when it comes to home aesthetics.

However, if you have the budget, then composite windows would be the best as they’re highly energy efficient and more durable. They don’t expand or contract. Their major disadvantage is that they’re very expensive.

Want to give vinyl windows a try? Then here is what you should consider before buying and installing your energy efficient vinyl windows.

Things to Consider Before Buying and Installing Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

Just like any other energy efficient replacement windows, vinyl windows also come in different designs, style, and color to suit your needs; however, they don’t allow for any additional painting. This implies that you’ll have to choose a color that you’ll be comfortable with for as long as the windows last.

So, what do you need to consider?

1. The Architectural Design of Your Home

Of course, each home exhibits a unique architectural design; which then calls for unique window styles and designs.

Choosing the right design and style to compliment your home’s architecture should be the first step to ensure more satisfaction with regard to your new home replacement windows.

Some of the available styles include:

  • Double-hung
  • Single-hung
  • Casement (single and double casement)
  • Slider (single and double sliders)
  • Awning
  • Bay or bow

2. Window Frame Color

As mentioned earlier, vinyl windows come in various colors to enable you to choose what augurs well with your home’s color and architecture.

From the popular white color to brick red, and to Hartford green, vinyl windows literally come in a pool of endless colors so you won’t have to worry about the extra painting or staining costs.

One of the best options to explore is getting the same trim color for your home and for your window frame.

Have no specific color in mind? Well, you can always look around for the best and attractive color combinations from your neighborhood or from your local home improvement center.

In case you need a change of color in the future, then be sure to consult your window company for more window frame color options.

3. Your Home’s Landscaping

This goes hand in hand with your home’s architectural design. How do light and heat penetrate your home? Basically, this question addresses the position of your home in relation to the rising and setting of the sun.

If you often get distracted by the late day sunlight in your living room when enjoying your favorite movies, then you know the time has come to install the new vinyl home replacement windows so as to keep out the excess light.

Be sure to select window design and color that appeal to your interior space.

Vinyl Windows
Vinyl Windows

4. The Amount of Ventilation Required

Windows play a vital role in ventilating and keeping your home fresh all day. Therefore, the style of window you choose will greatly depend on how often you’ll be operating the window.

Operable windows (which can be closed and opened easily) are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms while fixed windows are ideal for high window locations—the hard-to-reach places in your home.

You can choose to have both the two options for enhanced ventilation and energy savings purposes.

5. Safety Needs

Other than keeping your home ventilated and ensuring energy efficiency, windows are also great security features in your home.

In case your window space extends close to the floor, you’ll need to settle for the tempered glass windows to help deter any break-ins.

Double hung vinyl windows are such a good example if you want to let in some fresh air and also stay safe.

6. The Window Installation Company

Whether you decide to contract an individual or company, always ensure they comply with your local window laws and regulations. Make sure they’re licensed for the job, and most important, is whether they have the permit to operate in your locality.

Never shy away from asking important questions such as how long they’ve been in the business, their warranty and insurance policies, their work schedules, as well as the amount of time they’ll require to complete the project.

You obviously want quality window installation, so head straight to the reputable window experts in your area. Contracting your local window expert provides you with an opportunity to view their past assignments before finally making a decision.

The Takeaway

Never hurry when it comes to the installation of your home replacement windows. They’re indeed a huge investment, therefore, take your time and select the best window installer.

Proper installation is a sure ticket to enhanced window efficiency as it also comes with energy savings benefits.

Author Bio: Dan Hatcher owns/operates and has been in the industry for over 25 years. He loves blogging to help educate homeowners on how to choose replacement windows. When he’s not working, Dan is a sports enthusiast.