App Marketing
App Marketing

Now that you are reading this article, it’s obvious that you have a mobile app and you are ready to introduce it to the world.

There are over 2.2 million apps in the App Store and more than 2.5 million in Google Play Store. Competition is fierce, and so is the bar for standing out. Unless you have the right marketing strategy to hit your target audience, your app will get lost in the sea of other apps out there.

Importance of Mobile App Marketing

You are an app owner, and you have built a flawless app with an extraordinary UX and UI. But what’s next?

Your billion dollar app is not going to promote itself. You have to convince users to pay their hard-earned money in return for your services. But before that, we have to understand why mobile apps are so important and should be considered as a necessity for your business.

Statistics show that by 2020, the mobile app industry’s revenue will reach about $188.9 billion worldwide. A leading provider of business and financial news, International Business Times, reports that Apple’s App Store receives over 1000 app submissions every day.

As technology is evolving, more and more people have started using smartphones and tablets, and with that, the scope of mobile apps are witnessing healthy growth. Almost every small and big firms are now depended on mobile apps to snowball their business to new heights.

No matter what your business is, a mobile app can help you get and retain potential customers. Customers today search for almost every product or services online and having an online presence will not only drive in customers, but it also leaves a good impression for your business. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using mobile apps for businesses:

* Having a mobile app reinforces your brand

* Increases your visibility

* Increases the accessibility of the services you provide

* Increases online sales

* Increases your brand exposure across mobile devices

* Helps you connect with on-the-go customers

* Helps you build a database of your potential clients

* Creates a direct marketing channel

* Increases engagement with the customers

* Users can get notifications of special events, launches, etc

Mobile App Marketing Tips And Tricks

To keep your mobile app marketing game strong and to encourage more users to download your app, it is necessary to have the right marketing approach.

But the question arises, ‘How to promote your app?’ Here are some of the most effective mobile app marketing techniques that will help your app garner some attention of the masses.

App Store Optimization is the Key

ASO or App Store Optimization is considered as the SEO of the mobile app world and is a simple yet crucial way to influence your app downloads.

Both Apple’s App Store and Google Play ranking algorithm are based on various factors such as keywords, description, tags, ratings, app title, downloads, etc.

The most important ranking factor that defines your app store optimization process is your app’s title. It is recommended that you should use Google’s Adword Keyword Tool to identify which term relevant to your app, is searched most by the people.

Like SEO(Search Engine Optimization), social links are as important in the process. You can promote your app on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Here are the highlights of the app store optimization process:

* Your app name should be unique

* Your app should include relevant keywords

* Your description should clearly articulate your app’s value

* You should include 2-3 feature screenshots or a video tutorial

* Your app should have positive ratings and reviews

Social Media

We all know how strong a social media platform is and what drastic impact it can leave on the user’s mind. Regardless of what category your app falls under, it’s always considered smart to have a social media feed of your application.

Social sharing not only creates an awareness about the product but also generates a legit audience who tend to stick to your services if your application is qualified enough. Here are some of the key points to have a strong social media presence:

* Post regularly- The root strategy of social media marketing is to enhance your visibility and engage more users in the app. Regular posting will not only improve your social media analytics but also keep you in the sight of the audience.

* Social Ads- Running advertisements and campaigns about your product or service gives credibility to your app. Social Ads on Facebook and Twitter can assist you immensely in attaining visibility and will also give you a lot of clicks and eventually downloads, increasing your revenue source.

* Feedback- Social media is an open platform where people throw their opinions. Allow users to place their suggestions – whether good or bad – and be responsive as well. Listen to the issues that your customers are facing and try to solve those as soon as possible. It’s a mantra for growth.

* Connect with Influencers- People always look up to their admirers, sometimes blindly. Connect with someone who has a great online presence and approach them to market your product. For example, Evernote, a super-popular productivity app is using Klaus Badelt, a well-known Hollywood composer, to shed a light on how he uses the app to collaborate when producing films. This is a great way to increase your product reach.

App Reviews And Ratings

Believe it or not! But app reviews and ratings play a vital role in your app marketing process. This is the reason why high-profile apps like Tinder and Uber ask for reviews after a certain period of time.

App reviews are first and the foremost thing, you go through when buying a product or services. Any review – good or bad – leaves an impact on the customer’s mind. You should try to gather as many positive reviews for apps as possible to help your app gain top rankings in the chart.

Consider these things while asking for reviews:

* Value- Before presenting the review on the user’s screen, you have to make sure that your app has provided enough value to the user that he/she would agree upon rating it.

* Don’t Overwhelm- Wait! Allow some time. Let them have a breather! Do not push too many requests in their feed that it finally leads to the loss of a potential customer. Do not interrupt their experiences for your personal gain. If the user has gained enough value from the app, he would definitely leave a good response on the review section.

* Personalize your message- Rather than asking for a direct review like ‘ Leave a rating on the app’, personalize your message in such a way that it compels the user to leave some good ratings. For a quick example, you can write it as ‘ Enjoying the app? How much would you rate us!’. Sounds better, right?

* Not in the beginning- This is a common mistake that many app owners do. Do not ever ask for an app review at the very beginning when the customer starts using your app. Suppose you are a user, why would you rate my app if it has done nothing good to you till now? When the user has had enough experience with your app, it’s the time to hit them with the message.

Push Notifications

Do you have an e-commerce app installed on your smartphone? Do you get notifications about amazing offers, existing for a limited time? And you cannot help but open the application just to have a look at all the deals being offered to you, irrespective of whether you have to buy anything or not.

This is the result of push notifications. There comes a static point where users stop using your application due to lost in interest or they find something better or more intuitive. If users do not open up your app often, start giving them a reason to.

Here are some of the mobile app marketing tips while initiating push notifications:

* Push notifications should not be too pushy. Timing is the key element as it needs to be aligned with the user’s behavior. Suppose, you have an e-commerce app and the customer has saved a pair of sneakers in the shopping cart. You might consider sending them a notification to complete the checkout.

* Make sure that each push notification you are sending into user’s feed, has a purpose. Bland, irrelevant messages will only turn users away from using the app.

* Creativity is the key. Create a message so compelling and personal that users cannot help but open your mobile application.


There might be various websites that are doing great in your space. Connect with them and approach them to post reviews about your app. Give them free access to your app, before it hits the market, to make them feel special.

Also, tell them how important their reviews are for your product growth. There might be nominal charges they would ask for, to talk about your app, but it’s going to be totally worth your money.

Getting your app reviewed by a genuine website, will not only help you with the branding of your product but also help your app to reach a greater and potential audience.

Word of Mouth

This might be the last but not the least. Of all the app marketing strategies, the most essential element to drive growth to your brand is its word of mouth.

You have to make sure that your app provides something of value. The will to stand out in this domain is fierce, and if you do not have something valuable to offer to your customers, your brand would find it difficult to sustain the competition.

If you have an amazing app, people would carry the word around to their friends and colleagues without you worrying about the marketing process. If your app makes their life easier, there is no way that the users are going to stop from recommending your product or service to their known ones.

So word of mouth is still worth its weight in gold.

Final Thoughts

When we talk about how to promote your app, there are only limited options available. These app marketing tips and tricks will help you get closer to your goals if you have the right implementation.

Above all, you should always keep your all ears in for what customers have to say about your app. They provide tremendous insights into user experience which helps in making the app better than it was before.

If you have any more questions regarding the same or have some more mobile app marketing tips to share, feel free to use the comment section.