Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy and Birth

When being pregnant, you change the main focus of your life and begin doing everything best to have a normal pregnancy and then give birth to a healthy child. Even though everyone tries to convince you to eat a lot so to help a baby get plenty of vitamins and minerals out of your nutrition, there is a healthy weight for pregnancy that you should keep. And, in this post, we’re going to discuss it.

What is the Healthy Weight for Pregnancy?

Here is the thing – a normal, healthy pregnancy weight is not an exact number. It depends on the woman’s weight before pregnancy and differs in particular cases. Basically, to calculate an ideal weight for pregnancy, you need to measure the BMI (body mass index) before the actual pregnancy. To do so, square your height and then divide your weight in kilograms by the result you’ve got.

After getting the outcome, you can conclude whether you have a healthy weight for pregnancy or need to improve it before carrying the child. Well, the thing is that both high and low weight can harm your ability to conceive and bear a baby. Whether you feel the overweight or, on the contrary, have underweight, you surely need to contact your doctor to set and keep the right balance.

How Much Weight Can You Gain?

So, let’s see how your current weight may change when becoming pregnant. Thus, if your BMI is:

  • less than 18.5, you have to gain 12.5kg min and 18kg max as it is underweight;
  • over 18.5 and comes to 24.9, you should gain 11.5 kg min and 16 kg max, and this is normal weight;
  • over 25 and comes closer to 29.9, you have to gain no more than 11.5kg as it is overweight;
  • 30 or more, you should gain no more than 9 kg because this is obesity.

As we mentioned above, it is impossible to state the exact perfect pregnancy weight, but it is reasonable to find a healthy weight for pregnancy. And if you do not go beyond the described limits and take control over your weight gain every week of pregnancy, you will undoubtedly feel only joy, comfort, and happiness from this period of your life.

Why Will You Gain Weight?

Speaking about the average pregnancy weight, women often do not understand its source. The thing is that each kilogram gained right is essential for your body during pregnancy. Here we mean the kilograms that do not make you feel overloaded and hydropic.

Say women usually gain from 11 to 16 kilograms of healthy weight for pregnancy. As far as we noticed, this weight is an individual point, and your body needs it as:

  • the baby with the placenta and uterus together take on average 6 kg;
  • additional blood and all the water together add you up to 5 kg;
  • the breast and fat storage take approximately 5 kg.

Special Cases

There are some important situations which allow you to gain a different amount of healthy weight for pregnancy from the mentioned above. For example, if you are going to give birth to twins, you need to squeeze into the 16-21 weight range. In the case of multiple pregnancies, your main mission is to provide both babies with all the necessary substances.

Another example is when you have a second or more pregnancy. Here you may gain weight a bit faster than is explained and showed in various graphics and pregnancy weight gain programs. Nevertheless, it is a normal process which you only need to observe on an ongoing basis when being pregnant. Having the right nutrition and keeping to the norm allows you to save your health and have a successful pregnancy without any complications related to the childbirth.

Diet and Sports Tips to Keep a Healthy Weight for Pregnancy

Whether it is a kind of sport or a new diet, you need to request a consultation with your mentoring doctor first. One will decide if it is suitable for your pregnancy weight and health condition. Nevertheless, some basic tips and hints will help you to have a normal, healthy pregnancy weight and so minimize all possible risks and feel well during the pregnancy.

Eat Thoroughly

It is vital to eat right in the first trimester of pregnancy as this period is responsible for forming your baby. But it doesn’t mean that further months are not as important. The main thing here is to eat thoroughly and don’t allow yourself to overeat because a woman’s body does not need additional calories during the first six months of pregnancy.

Furthermore, when it comes to a healthy weight for pregnancy, you should consider replacing harmful foods with natural ones. You need very nutritious products that can help you to save your health condition and fulfill your body while being pregnant.

Control Your Appetite

If you feel you’re always starving, eat often but consider shortening the portions of food you take. Notice, that being pregnant, you are not allowed to neglect hunger as it may harm your baby and your health. Try to eat a little but five or six times a day and monitor your weight weekly.

Sleep Well Not to Get Overweight

Well, it comes as no surprise that if you do not sleep enough, it is hard to keep a healthy weight for pregnancy as you have an immense hunger and irritability. If you have lack of sleep, your body tries to balance everything by making you consume unnecessary calories. So, you are more likely to eat sweets or bread instead of vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

If you still feel a strong desire to eat something fried, fat or too sweet, stop for one moment and realize that every harmful element from this food influences the baby inside you.
Therefore, it is better to relax, have enough sleep and positive emotions. Just remember that healthy food also can be delicious.

Exercise and Walk

First of all, if you are not fond of workouts or have any health-related restrictions walking is your best match. Having long walks on fresh air will not only stabilize your mood but also will help you to keep fit. The same thing is about running or jogging. However, please notice, that if you were not into running before the pregnancy, it is better to choose another way of physical training.

Fortunately, as for the American Pregnancy Association, exercises and pregnancy can be connected and perform together very well. Thus, you can choose among a variety of activities, starting from Kegel exercises and swimming to aerobics and dancing, etc. Do it with pleasure, but not overdo. And you will surely feel well and look beautiful!

So, a healthy weight for pregnancy is relative for every woman. In any case, you need to monitor it week by week and control your nutrition. Surround yourself with healthy food & drinks, a suitable way of physical activity, and of course, with a great mood, and you will enjoy the pregnancy that will bring you happiness!