Account-Based Marketing
Account-Based Marketing

Have you been wondering “what is account-based marketing”? Learn more about how this can work for your business here.

Marketing is complex. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business struggling for clients or a massive conglomerate. Standard marketing involves efforts to bring in many leads to increased sales prospects. You cast out a wide net.

Account-based marketing is a new approach that turned the marketing world on its ear. What is account-based marketing?

It’s about aligning all your marketing efforts to a specific company or target. It’s a laser-targeted approach that abandons the wide net to focus marketing on a single target.

It’s a put all your eggs in one basket approach, and it’s been successful for many companies.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Marketing has long taken the approach that a wide net for sales leads was best. Everything became general including blog posts and other content. It was as accessible to an accountant from Denver as it was a physicist from Springfield.

This led to more traffic but didn’t always connect to sales. You’d get traffic, but not the qualified sales leads your company needed. Account-based marketing narrows that net to specific targets or even specific accounts. Click here to chose ABM services.

For example, a large enterprise level sales lead may have targeted marketing campaigns dedicated to it. Decisions are rarely up to one person in large companies. The campaign targets the various interests who make the decisions.

Incorporates Inverted Marketing Funnel

A standard marketing funnel begins with the wide net that brings in many people, but only a few true sales lead. You take those leads and nurture them along the sales funnel through email marketing and other campaigns.

You target the specific companies within those sales leads and close the deal.
ABM starts at the top of the pyramid by targeting specific companies. The company uses personalized marketing campaigns to target the company.

You create a long-term relationship that develops sales revenue and develops new opportunities.

Inbound vs. Account Marketing

ABM isn’t better than standard inbound marketing, it’s a new alternative to incorporate into your strategy. ABM works best for enterprise level clients. Your product or service has a specific audience and you market to that audience.

When your target is small-to-medium-size businesses, standard inbound marketing techniques still work best. There are more small-to-medium-sized businesses. Also, they’re less likely to have the large budgets of enterprise companies, so you’ll need more sales.

That doesn’t mean the two can’t coexist. It’s possible to identify ABM accounts through standard inbound marketing efforts. Your inbound brings in the sales leads, and you identify a big fish. You then created targeted and personalized marketing campaigns dedicated to that big fish.

Is Account-Based Marketing for You?

What is account-based marketing? It’s the development and nurturing of specific accounts through personalized marketing. Is it right for you? If you’re disappointed in your inbound marketing performance and want to reel in a big fish, then ABM is for you.

Are you looking for high sales numbers through selling to small-to-medium sized businesses? You can still incorporate it into your marketing. If you want to learn more about ABM and other marketing techniques, then explore our website.