6 Ways to Boost Engagement Using Instagram


Reaching the milestone of over one billion monthly active users in June 2018, Instagram is amongst the top-ranked social media platforms of this day and age. What gives Instagram an edge over the rest of the social media sites is its immense popularity among millennials.

Other than socializing, Instagram has proven its worth in the field of marketing as well. Here, everything kick-starts with engagements – likes and comments on your post. Engagement determines the metric of your success rate. It depicts how your followers interact with the content you post.

Without much ado, let’s narrow down the ways to spike your engagement on Instagram.

Make full use of hashtags

Over the last few years, hashtags have become an essential feature of social media, particularly on Instagram. The moment we add a hashtag to our post, it is locked to a category.

More hashtags make the post more discoverable, given if they are placed appropriately. For instance, if it’s a fashion post, your hashtags must be relevant to fashion, not food or health.

At the same time, incorporating irrelevant hashtags is a no brainer. They must be right on the money – relevant to your post or brand – to get the maximum organic boost.

Indeed, it is quite tempting to feature as many hashtags on your post as possible for the sake of traffic, but you must avoid such a practice at any cost. The biggest drawback of infusing off-target hashtags is that it could easily annoy your viewers; people may even blacklist brands who indulge in spammy hashtags.

Besides, it’s not about being visible to many people; it’s about being visible to the right people. All said and done; hashtags have a lot to offer in terms of engagement if you keep your head still and stick to the above guidelines.

Interact with followers through comments

There are several accounts on Instagram which are far ahead in terms of quality of content yet lag in engagement. It should be enough to convince us that, unlike popular belief, there is more to engagement than mere quality content, and that is communication.

Brands or influencers are so busy posting videos or pictures that they forget to reply to their followers. Doing so, you unconsciously push people away from you.

The key to engagement is a healthy relationship with followers. Here is what you can do to foster ideal interaction with your audience:

  • Be quick to reply. Taking forever to respond is a huge turn-off. A fast reply allows keeping the conversation going. As a result, the post is recognized by the Instagram algorithm as a valuable piece of content.
  • Once the conversation has begun, the next thing on your mind should be how to keep it rolling. The best way to do that is by tagging other accounts and make the most out of it.
  • No relationship lasts long when it is one dimensional. When the opposite party is showing interest in you, make it a point to pay back like their comments and content.


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As shown in the above picture, sharing fun content with followers through DM is not a bad option to strengthen the relationship with the audience. You can also try out the trial of this service to get some free followers on Insta.

Be wary of trends

Sometimes it is safe to stick to your guns but not so with social media. Social media is all about patterns. The moment your followers notice a hint of being outdated, they will turn their back on you.

People get easily fed up with similar kinds of content, so they need something new now and then. This behavior is very dominant among millennials. More than 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than the age of 35.

Thus, being trend-savvy is even more essential on Instagram. You must keep an eye on what’s trending to keep the viewers always hooked to you. Your post must include a message, or a picture related to the top trending topics so that you retain the audience attention.

Review trends and mold your content accordingly. Don’t miss out on adding hashtags of the latest trends.

The takeaway – ignore trends at your peril. All the reputable businesses religiously stick to this rule because they are mainly marketing to millennials on Instagram.

Collaboration with like-minded influencers and brands

It might take some labor early on but looking for brands with the same niche as yours is highly recommended to maximize engagements. Why not follow an already tried and tested formula like this one?

Collaborating with a brand or influencer will expose you to a new audience. Having the same niche, their audience can find you equally impressive as well. So not only you will land upon better ideas but also a larger audience by co-partnering with others.

However, the collaboration can have opposite effects if you end up being with the wrong set of people. To avoid such a situation, it is mandatory to pay attention to the following factors.

  • Whomever you are working with must have similar goals as yours. Exchanging strong arguments on small affairs is good, but the vision should be, by and large, an overlapping one.
  • After the compatibility of the dream, compatibility of style stands out. The cooperation can quickly fall apart if the practical method of both parties is entirely different from one another.

Use Instagram stories to personalize your brand

Long gone are the days when people only knew about limited brands. Today, digital marketing and social media platforms have changed the cultural landscape of online retailers. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, or Sponsored ads, we are aware of brands’ insights.

Instagram stories are a new way to market a brand. With stories, you have room to add an element of fun. For instance, a popular clothing brand Fashion Nova emerged on the screens of millennials when it started to post pictures of customers wearing the brand. The brand worked on the psychology of its followers — their desire to gain attention.


Instagram stories are being widely used to personalize brands. Sharing “behind the scene” content has become quite common, and the audience is loving it. It is an instinct of humans to be curious, and brands are capitalizing on it.

About 70 percent of Instagram users watch stories daily. The stats speak volumes about the growing popularity of this much-talked-about feature. Blend your stories with personal insight, and the public is sure to pounce on it.

Map out the best time to post

Imagine if you are following all the tips and tricks to target a broader audience, yet your posts are not reaping as many engagements as you anticipate. Have you heard about being in the wrong place at the wrong time? It could precisely be the case with you.

There are times when your posts are likely to perform better than if you post them at some other time. That’s because Instagram has more active users at that time. According to the analytics, the best time to post on Instagram is between 2 PM to 3 PM on average. Similarly, the best day to post on Instagram is Thursday.

As shown in the figure below, you can find out the optimal timing on your own through experimenting.


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What’s the point in investing hours upon hours and creating high-quality content if people are not even watching it? Along with the technicalities, do keep the optimal times in mind; it can skyrocket the engagements.