Social media has also launched enormous opportunities for freelancing community. It has provided talented individuals with a variety of different talents to showcase their skills. Among many other things, blogging and vlogging have seen the highest degree of hype and engagement across the internet!

As far as vlogging is concerned, there’s a need for high-quality equipment and photography skills and excellent video editing software to edit and merge videos together.

Most of the people tend to use online video editing tools as buying a quality video editing software is expensive. Using an online video merger and editor to edit and merge short videos might be convenient, as one doesn’t need to install it and it doesn’t occupy device space, but it’s not a good choice for professional video editing.

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Professional videos are usually shot by DSLR or iPhone. They are heavier in quality, that is, 4k videos, and lengthier in duration. Most of the online video mergers have very limited editing options and they tend to produce videos having limited file size and low quality.

What is it then that aspiring vloggers and professional videographers should use?

Quest of an Ideal Video Editing Software

There are many photo editing software, but people are still in quest of an ideal desktop video editor which could be operated on both desktop and mobile phones, produce high quality merged videos and has easy to use editing features. If you are also on the quest, VideoProc may be the destination of your quest!

What is VideoProc

VideoProc is a professional multi-functional desktop video editing software. It’s a one-stop solution where you could edit, merge, crop, process, convert and transcode UHD videos with full GPU acceleration. It can also be used as a free video trimming tool. It follows a simple and fast editing process that enhances the quality of your videos and produce a professional film. It’s a desktop video editor made for the convenience of professionals!


  • VideoProc is the production of Digiarty Software; a leading multimedia software company.
  • The system operating requirement is Windows 7/8/10.
  • Its license model is free for trial!
  • The software is available to download for free on its website
  • Hardware Acceleration Level-3 that is fully powered by AMD®, Intel®, and NVIDIA®.

Distinctive Features Of VideoProc

The distinctive features that make VideoProc superior among other video editing tools are as follows:

Unique full GPU Acceleration

39% of all video-related programs lack support for GPU acceleration. VideoProc is the only full GPU video editing tool that enables the fast loading and processing of video, simultaneously allowing smooth 4K video editing and transcoding without having to compromise over quality.

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Adaptive Tool Box

VideoProc’s multi-functional toolbox allows you to:

  • Fix unsteady video clips from iPhone, GoPro, etc.
  • Filter unwanted noise from background
  • Place your own watermark for professional clips in the form of text, logo, image, or timecode.
  • Fix fisheye distortion from action camera videos.
  • Enhance video by adjusting its playback speed and volume.
  • Create M3U8 playlist.
  • Make MIC and GIFs.
  • Adjust resolution
  • Improve quality from HD to 4K

Video Processing Expert

Diverse aspects of VideoProc could process HD/4K videos from multiple devices like iPhone, Android, Cameras, GoPro, DJI, 4K Cameras like DSLR, etc. It’s an expert video processor that could efficiently process large/ 4K/ 8K/ 2.7 K/ HD/ 3D/ 360° VR videos.

Easy and Fast to Use

Despite its quick features and strong editing tools, VideoProc is still an easy to use desktop video merger which doesn’t even need an internet connection once it’s installed into the device. With the use of this video editor, one can not only merge videos together but also resize, split, trim, modify, enhance and process multiple heavy videos even HD or 4K into studio-quality professional films and that too, 5X faster than any other video editing software. It’s the best choice for professional video editing and the plus point is the easy availability of its licensed version; that too for free!

Flawless Transcoding Capacity

Owing to its Flawless Transcoding Capacity and 370+ Codec library, this desktop video editor is able to handle large videos of file sizes as big as 4K and 8K and from multiple devices effectively.

Strong Screen Recording Feature

VideoProc’s well-built Screen Recording feature is an essential tool for vloggers, educators, games, sports, and live enthusiasts, as they can make its best use to record webinars, screenplays, presentations, live streaming, etc. This feature is equipped with:

  • Three modes for the recording that allows the users to videotape their desktop or iOS screen with Voice over or to record from webcam or record both simultaneously.
  • Crop feature; that enables to select the desired area for recording screen video.
  • Editing tools that allow the user to draw, type text, add voiceovers, images, lines, etc. during video recording.

Media Conversion

Another promising feature of this desktop video editor is it’s High-Speed Media Converter! VideoProc allows its users to go for the video to video conversion, to extract audio from its video, transcoding of audio files and to Back up DVD into video or audio; consequently resolving the playback issue and making the content easily accessible.

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Benefits of VideoProc over Online Video Merger/Editor

The preferences of VideoProc over online video editors that one must consider are stated as follows:

Security Concerns

It’s safe to use VideoProc for editing your video files. The edited files stay over the online video merger’s site for some time before auto-deletion by the server, thus rendering the files unsafe!

File Size Restriction

The file size that can be edited over VideoProc is unlimited. But, the online video merger/ editor restricts the file size i.e. allows the file of limited MBs to be edited.

Internet Connection

Once downloaded and installed onto the device, VideoProc doesn’t need an internet connection for operation. However, you can’t edit any file over an online video editor without an internet connection.

Video Formats

The input and output video formats are unlimited on VideoProc and also includes 4K/ 8K/ HEVC/ AV1. But, online video editing tools aid limited and general format.

Processing Speed

As mentioned above, VideoProc processing speed is 5 times faster than any other software. But using online means for video editing is time-taking since they need a lot of time to process videos.

Editing Features

The diverse editing features of VideoProc have been discussed above. The majority of the online video editors are deprived of the co-existence of such features i.e. there are limited editing features available online.

Batch Process

With VideoProc, you could process multiple batches simultaneously but with an online video merger, only single footage is processed at a time.

Third-Party Plugins

VideoProc doesn’t need any third-party plug-ins at all! However, with the online video merger/ editor; some editing tools and features require the installation of third-party plug-ins.

Closing Word

VideoProc is one of the finest video editings and merging tools that you can use for your video editing and merging needs. It’ wide range of fantastic feature make it stand out among the rest!

In this YouTube video, you can easily know how to edit 4K videos on any computer with VideoProc: